Sunday 31 January 2010

The Shrill-Shriekers Cometh

If you have been vigilant, you will have noticed the signs.

All BBC leave has been cancelled, an APB has been issued to a plethora of fake charity spokespersons, airwaves are cleared for the new assault embargoed for the start of Feb.

And Tom Harris is getting ever closer to that vote he said wouldn't happen.

Tomorrow promises debunking potential aplenty as Andy Burnham gets an early night to spout shit. On toast.


SamDuncan said...

Dick, if you haven't read PJ O'Rourke's latest, Driving Like Crazy,do so immediately. The introduction is just brilliant. I hope you won't mind me hijacking this thread to quote a bit at length (the book is, as the title suggests, about cars, but Burnham is exactly the kind of evil little scrote he's talking about):

“You know the Fun-Suckers... The Fun-Suckers go around saying how unsafe this fun thing is and how unhealthy that fun thing is and how unfair, unjust, uncaring, insensitive, divisive, contagious, and fattening every other thing that's fun is.

The Fun-Suckers are a bit too careful, a bit too concerned, a bit too scrupulous. That's bullshit. They're evil and they hate us. The motive behind spoiling things for others and throwing a wet blanket over the rained-on parade is a matter of neither caution nor morals. The Fun-Suckers suck the fun out of life in order to gain control. They've found a way to gain power without merit.”

And it's time to take it from them.

JJ said...

Tom Harris 'But as I say, I won’t need to, because it’s not going to happen'

Oh no? You can bet your boots, if ASH or any other craphole charity have their way...then it will happen. All they need to do is soften up the general public. These bastards play the long game...and its got them what they want.

You wait and see...if they can talk about it then they will be working seriously towards that end!

Convince me otherwise.

Anonymous said...

ASH are pure EVIL you only have to look at the hatchet faced miserable old cow who runs it.
At our expense ,