Thursday 21 January 2010

Who Better For The Job?

From the opposition seen so far, Margo MacDonald shouldn't have too much trouble passing her assisted suicide bill.

The British Medical Association in Scotland welcomed the opportunity for open discussion, but claimed that the majority of doctors "oppose physician-assisted suicide and euthanasia".

Chairman Dr Brian Keighley commented: "If doctors are authorised, by law, to kill or help kill, they are taking on an additional role which we believe is alien to the one of caregiver and healer"

Oh I dunno, they could always enlist the services of Jane "They'll just have to die" Deville-Almond. I'm sure she'd be happy to help if it saves the NHS a few bob.


Captain Ranty said...

Well, yes. She is a natural fit for the role but my guess is that she would only despatch smokers, right?

Even healthy ones. Of any age.


Unknown said...

I had just got to the "Oh, I dunno" part when I got a case of déjà vu and just knew where you were going with this DP.

Anonymous said...

an "additional role"!!! Is this what state-approved murder has been reduced to?


Man with Many Chins said...

Considering the fuckers already kill 70,000 people a year in this country when its illegal....

That said, I am all for voluntary euthanasia - I would want that option if I had a debilitating, painfull disease.

We make terminally ill humans suffer in a way we would be prosecuted for if we did the same to animals.

Dick Puddlecote said...

Agreed, Chinny Man.

Which is why it's odd when doctors baulk at the idea of helping those who want to die, die - yet nurses are broadcast on national radio advocating death for those who don't (and escape scot free when complaints force a disciplinary).

Life as a public health advocate is a fucked up place.