Tuesday 5 January 2010

Irritating Interlude

A key snapping in a frozen petrol cap, a flat tyre, and my broadband router going pop last night, halfway through my writing something involved yet vaguely interesting. That's my new year so far, roll on twenty bollocking eleven.

Sky oxymoronically told me a replacement is on its way, and will be with me "lightning quick, probably Friday", so with the router currently flashing its lights at random, seemingly recreating the final scenes of Close Encounters, without actually performing its main purpose on this earth, articles will be sparse for a couple of days.

I expect the central heating will pack up tonight.


Oldrightie said...

You mean roll on a bar-b-que summer.

bayard said...

Nah, I expect the central heating will wait until Saturday night, leaving you with the joy of finding a plumber who will come out on a Sunday. That's what mine does.

subrosa said...

Not back yet? Surely not another flat tyre? Doesn't your local library have internet access? Couldn't you go there and finish your article? If it's anything like my library it would possible be full of screaming kids running around while the librarian gazes at the ceiling.

Do hope you're warm anyway. (Argos do a reasonable deal in electric blankets just in case).

Dick Puddlecote said...

Sod going to the library, Rosie, I can't write without an ashtray. ;-)

Heating's still working ... overtime.

Oh yeah, and the router arrived today via a very cold but determined Parcelforce guy. You may have already surmised as much.

Joe said...

I work for Sky, and if i ever find out who said 'lightning quick' i'll f'in' kill 'em, we like tourturing everyone, 5 days :p