Friday 22 January 2010

For The Self-Conscious Woman In Your Life

Look good for the scanners ... buy lingerie.

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JJ said...

This was the kind of job I’ve been looking for DP! I began my crash course in scanner use some time ago. I passed all the tests and was ready to roll…that’s right I rolled the scanner with other trainees to the nearest night club. It was fun scanning all the local fillies.

Of course there were some duds as you might expect…but generally all the gals were great, with lots of lovely big squeezy baubles. A couple of gay guys got their jollies from scanning trouser trumpets…so, everyone thinks they’re just great.

Pssst…if anyone’s interested I’m doing a very competitive hourly rental rate!

Captain Ranty said...

That's all very well for the ladies, but where can I buy a convincing dangle extension?

Some airports are cold. If I am to end up on YouTube I don't want to embarrass the team.

Sam Duncan said...

Yay capitalism! The authoritarian state hands you lemons, and you make frilly pants. Or something. I think the picture has distracted me a little...

(WV: fotled. I can't begin to imagine.)

Anonymous said...

Lead lined panties will be all the rage come this summer. It's the lingerie industry's dream come true the same way the smoking-ban profited the pharmaceuticals at the expense of everyone else.