Saturday 23 January 2010

Link Tank 23/01

A selection of this week's oddities and eye-openers.

Bid to restrict 1,200 powers of entry to UK homes currently available to the state

Cato Institute dubbed right wing extremists!

Secrets of looking good on the dance floor

Got $292m to spend? A nice house in Washington might interest you

Beer: The catalyst for civilisation

All about health? Outdoor smoking ban in Los Angeles

A round the world holiday for a dead man

A proud nanny statist debunked

Laurel and Hardy get in a right fine mess

Britain's drink problem (?), it's the fault of women

Prohibition: A cautionary tale

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ModernityBlog said...

A British blogger has been intimidated by the police. The Reverend Stephen Sizer didn’t like comments and criticism made on the Seismic Shock blog, so got the police to physically intimidate the blogger, to take down that mild criticism.

This is a clear freedom of speech issue, the police should not be used to intimidate bloggers.

I urge you to publicise this issue and support Seismic Shock, as “I too am Seismic Shock”

For more information see