Tuesday, 26 January 2010

A Ghost Writes?

CiF carries a piece playing down the recent revelations of cock ups emanating from Rajendra Pachauri's sphere of influence.

It's written by climate change inc employee Bob Ward, unless you view in RSS, where it is apparently attributed to ... Rajendra Pachauri.

How Pachauri was initially credited with this is anyone's guess, though there are a couple of "No, he wouldn't ... would he?" possibilities.


JuliaM said...

Well, why not? It's not as though anyone at CiF is going to call him on it, is it?

Mark Wadsworth said...

Brilliant, well spotted.

Apparently the whole Himalayan Glaciers bollocks has come unstuck while I was away as well.

Kill them all, it's the only rational policy.

JohnRS said...

The Graun has always been happy to reproduce eccentric leftwing views without any real thought, after all they've been consistently pro-NuLieBore these many years.

Obviously someone was just a bit over enthusiastic with the cut'n'paste this time.

Katabasis said...

Great catch!