Thursday 7 January 2010

One Of My Five A Day

I'd been a proper good citizen today. Avoid all unnecessary travel, they said, and I did until late afternoon. I'm not saying that compliance wasn't tough, oh no. There was absolutely nothing at all on the bloody telly today except an enthralling cricket match.

Sometimes urgent journeys are unavoidable, though. I was eventually forced to drive to Tesco as no shop within walking distance sells lemons for my G&T.


Northampton Saint said...

Cider counts as 1 of the 5 a Day too, Except Magners, thats just shit

Anonymous said...

Oh Richard,Your last comment was
so scintilating, I am contemplating giving up drinking and smoking and converting to the
Protestant faith.

BTS said...

Remarkably similar to my day except I was listening to TMS and heard Aggers comment that he'd never seen so many helmets before. Apparently those rumours about his house parties aren't true after all.

And then I had to brave the elements to fetch some bran flakes and.. err.. some camomile tea.

It's got honey and vanilla in it..

Dick Puddlecote said...

That'll do it, BTS. They all count.

Good for you, Anon. Why Protestant in particular? Is it the condoms you don't like? ;-)

Saint: Reckon you're correct there.

Leg-iron said...

I also was forced into the cold today. A dire emergency - out of whisky! (Yes, again.)

Plus a bag of chocolate raisins. That counts as all five because raisins are concentrated grapes. And chocolate is made of plant material too. All healthy stuff.

Anonymous said...

I never quite reach five-a-day.
Tobacco(well its vegetable, innit?)-check!
Cannabis(same as above)-check!

Any suggestions for No. 5 ???


Pogo said...


Uncle Marvo said...

Number 5? Gin is made from Juniper Berries. That's a fruit (I think).

Anonymous said...

Dick popped a pennerth in

"Is it the condoms you don't like? ;-)"
Do Protestants still use Condoms,
I thought the dramatic decrease in
the Protestant sperm count would
have added insult to injury.

Faith of Our Fathers