Thursday 28 January 2010

Paul Flynn: Fragile, Handle With Care, Poor Love

Made of glass and with a Howard Hughes complex, so he is (as well as being indecipherable at times).

Handshakes are getting less popular. Good riddance.

They are unnecessary unhygienic germ-spading intrusions. Some oafs use them to prove e strength of their personalities with bone-crushers. They should be summoned for assault. Their behaviour should demonstrate their strength of character.

Among the millions of atrocities are many with painful hands, Eye-watering hand squeezes can be excruciatingly painful. Grimacing in pain does not deter them. Even yelps of pain or the sarcasm has no effect. 'Don't worry , my fingers will be back to normal in six time,' I've tried on some insensitive dolts. the point is never understood.

Who will be first person to be charged with assault by handshake?

If it's an attempt at humour, Paul, it's not funny. You fuckers have a tendency to turn the ludicrous into stark, legislative reality.

If you did mean it, however, you're quite the intolerant, weak-willed, effete cunt.

ADDENDUM: Lest we forget, he is a rampant smoking ban advocate and considers taxpayers to be a cash machine.


Brew Wales said...

The stroke-ridden old libelist has suffered from arthritis in his hands for years, rumoured to be soothed with the use of medicinal herbs. Most of his constituents prefer to spit on him rather than shake hands with the old commie who is occasionaly seen in his constituency of Newport West with his carer.

The Acceptable Face of Satanism said...

People like Flynn are important and valuable. They prove that Government will never be abything other than corrupt and self-serving. He is solid gold to those of us who wish to see the oppressive bastards put up against a wall for a purpose not unconnected with shooting the bastard living daylights out of them.

Ed P said...

Having arthritic hands, I know the pain caused by an overly-firm handshake. But this git is just another pointless twat on the control-freakery bandwagon - no need for legislation, just common sense. And I'd risk hurting my own hands to squeeze his scrawny neck!

Leg-iron said...

Thanks to a commenter called HuwOS who has been foolish enough to copy and paste snippets of comments, it's clear that the Flynn has been on a delete-the-disagreement rampage again.

Pure Righteous, and impressive doublethink - ban smoking but legalise cannabis? How does that work?

Dick Puddlecote said...

Leggy, he's got a delete fixation. It's great fun.

And yes, hypocrisy doesn't quite fully describe the old fool.

Get this, he also despises the WHO and pharmaceutical companies ... yet hangs on their every word when it comes to smoking. Remember he is in his 70s and hasn't dropped dead yet from passive smoking.

Oh yeah, and did I mention he likes to use taxes to fund his court cases? Oh, I did? OK. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Saw him recently on TV and sprained my wrist diving for the channel hopper.

Does anyone who's worth reading still comment on his blog or do people play spot-the-editing games?

Odious, odious little man.


westcoast2 said...

Leg Iron asked: Pure Righteous, and impressive doublethink - ban smoking but legalise cannabis? How does that work?

Ever helpful /sarc Health Canada have a possible answer...

P2.2.1.3 Rectal THC
Limited evidence suggests a higher bioavailability of THC by the rectal route than by the oral route (Mattes, et al., 1993 p 745-747; Brenneisen, et al., 1996).

Dick Puddlecote said...

Don't fancy shoving any drug up my arse, ta. Hedonism has its bounds even with me. :-0