Saturday 23 January 2010

They're Everywhere

Sometimes, it's hard to discern where the next shit-for-brains apologist for further communally self-inflicted coercion is going to come from.

Now, I thought this guy was a fucknugget of astronomical proportion.

How can companies cut down on the pointless emails clogging up inboxes? Start charging people to send them

It's a myth that businesses should aim to cut costs (???)

It'd be nice if we all cared enough about our colleagues to bear their inboxes in mind before we dump on them, but when pressure mounts we tend to act on our pressing needs. Rather than try to change human nature, if you're serious about a more efficient email system then start charging.

But then, I read this.

One of the sacred cows of modern life is the belief that we all want a choice.

Being able to decide where to live, whom to marry, what to study and which profession to go into may sound like freedom, but it is in fact a recipe for anxiety and depression.

Yes, it would be easy to ignore such fuckwittery except they are still young enough to breed.

And cocksockets like this are already everywhere.


Unknown said...

I keep getting an error when clicking on your second link DP. Yes, it beggars belief, doesn't it! They keep chip, chip, chipping away at our basic freedoms, they keep pushing the envelope, don't they. How do these people get jobs of influence. And has the general public been secretly labotomised?

JuliaM said...

No, they've lobotomised themselves, with reality-tv and glossy 'celebrity' magazines.

Witterings from Witney said...

Picking up on TBY's suggestion, to be lobotomised there has to be brain matter in the first place.

This lot are empty there and have just been programmed - probably by CP - to do their masters bidding. Big question is: exactly who are their masters? And who is the master of those masters?

JJ said...

Anthony Evans gets paid for tripe like this. Presumably he’s talking about non-essential corporate emails. Since company computers are networked then just send a memo round to all department heads to tell their staff to stop sending unnecessary emails!

Anyone guilty after that goes on the photocopier for a week…they’ll soon stop.

BTW, have I been reading a different post to everyone else?

Sam Duncan said...

I sometimes wonder if the 20th Century wasn't just a complete waste of everybody's time. We have eugenicists, malthusians, communo-fascists, and illiberal wankstains like this bloke who think people don't really want to be free crawling out from the stones they hide under all over the place; it might as well be 1910 as 2010.

Anonymous said...

@Sam Duncan: My son is currently writing an essay on Priestley's "An Inspector Calls", which is an allegory on the evils of capitalism vs the wonders of socialism. Complete and utter tripe from the opening line to the final curtain.

I tend to agree that the 20th century may well have been technologically the best so far, but politically and socially absolutely dire.

bayard said...

@Sam Duncan: 1910? 1610 more like.