Wednesday 6 January 2010

When Is A War Criminal Not A War Criminal?

When it's politically expedient for them not to be deemed so, of course.

The Attorney General could be given a veto over arrest warrants for foreign leaders in an attempt to placate Israeli ministers who fear war crimes prosecutions if they visit Britain.

Baroness Scotland of Asthal, who is in Jerusalem, discussed an amendment to British law that would give her office the power to review arrest warrants in private prosecutions against political figures, according to Foreign Ministry sources.

Yes, more unintended consequences attached, as is customary, to ill considered Labour legislation. Forget the UN, forget international convention or courts, a war criminal is only a war criminal if Labour say so.

Still, such a veto would come in pretty handy when potentially having to decide how to deal with former Labour Prime Ministers too, would it not?


Anonymous said...

Do they still have the power to do this after Lisbon?

And what about European Arrest Warrants?

Are these matters for that Ashton bint and Herman Van Winkle?

BTS said...

Nothing fishy there then..

And what with the Baroness's fantastic grasp of the laws she helped to write I don't see why anyone would object to giving her carte blanche over anything she damn well pleases.

"When is an Attorney General not a criminal..?"

neil craig said...

Thye minor problem is that this Israeli woman unquestionably isn't a war criminlal.She is one of the most moderate members of a government who have done "more than any other government in history to prevernt civilian deaths" to quote the widely untreported words of the former British commander in Afghanistan who clearly knows the subject.

The worse problem is that the leaders of Britain are. almost without exception, guilty of war crimes, supporting genocide in Kosovo, the sexual enmslavement of children & of disecting living people to steal their body organs.

It is they who should, & under any law abiding state would, face prosecution. The Jewish lady is not 1,000th the Nazi baroness Scotland is & if our media were not racist scum they would be saying so.