Monday 25 January 2010

It's A Simple Fact - Feminists Reduce Choices For Women

Michael Deacon has had a pop at feminists, and he's very correct.

A female journalism student once asked me how I'd feel if a daughter of mine became a glamour model. I said if she were 18, she could do whatever job she chose, no matter what I felt. And that's the difficulty facing today's feminists. If women are to have the same freedoms as men, feminists can't easily complain when some women exercise those freedoms in a way feminists disapprove of.


But hardcore feminists don't work on the realities of human female behaviour. Their latent concern, whether they mean it to be viewed as such or not, could be construed as more a punishment of men, who they appear to despise above all others.

Alluring images of women seems to be what truly angers them, not necessarily for the fact that women are wont to exercise their freedoms in a way which is hugely in their favour, but because some man, somewhere, might gain enjoyment from it.

We're not just talking highly successful women who have earned fortunes out of what God gave them, either. Deacon references Abi Titmuss, and he could have chosen a multitude of others who have benefitted greatly, not from being humiliated, but from the empowerment of wealth and of being adored from afar. It's moot as he could point to everyday females in any town in any country (though it's odd that feminists are quite happy to applaud feminisation of women in countries such as Iran when the mood takes them).

I challenge any male reading here to have attended a fancy dress evening where their partner wasn't trying to look as feminine and attractive as possible. Anecdotal, I know, but I have been to such events, many times, with many partners over the years, where a prize was offered for the best costume, yet women will invariably reject the idea of dressing in something imaginative if it doesn't make them look damn good.

In making themselves candidates for modelling, the idea of untold wealth is merely a future fantasy for many women. The urge to be admired is far more strong, and for very good reason.

It's human nature. Men like to appear commanding and manly (even if they are a 9 stone weakling) whereby women will always want to be the belle of the ball, and fiercely do they compete to be just that. It's a hard-wired character trait bestowed by their genes and the primeval urge to attract a strong and caring mate.

And this is what feminists are so angry about. Denied any possibility of being dubbed the most lovely in any gathering since they were kids, they are deeply opposed to others being able, and willing, to attempt just that.

So they take it out on those who are able. Viciously at times. Shorn of masculine approval themselves (sometimes even shunning it altogether), they dedicate their time to derogating women for doing what they are very happy to enjoy, even for wearing clothes that they wish to wear, and cursing the men who adhere to their own DNA in appreciating the view.

If it were up to jealous feminists, women would all be wearing potato sacks and shunning make-up, short skirts, heels etc, in case it brings back memories of how piss poor they have always been at doing as nature intended themselves.

And in so doing, they would seek to restrict potentially lucrative opportunties for women, to intimidate others into changing their instinctive behaviour and dress, and to discourage males and females from enjoying what each other has to offer.

In short, feminists are anti-social and derogatory to the natural life experience of the majority of women they claim to protect.

It's ironic that, while feminists will point to the need for women to be seen as more than just a pretty form - and should, instead, be appreciated for their inner beauty - those who direct anger at beautiful women aspiring to be admired, are so petty, vindictive, spiteful, and inwardly ugly.


AntiCitizenOne said...

Envy is also the core of Socialist Mental Illness... Which could explain why so many are Marx-Worshippers.

subrosa said...

Would have preferred a more distinct separation of feminists and feminine Dick but I don't suppose men see the difference too well.

Fortunately I fall on the feminine side of the fence so have had little to do with feminists. Most women I know these days dress for themselves and nobody else. Perhaps that's because they're more mature and realise comfort comes before fashion.

Dick Puddlecote said...

Subrosa: Agreed. Perhaps I should have added 'rampant', or 'angry', before 'feminist'.

But is it a fashion thing? I can imagine you not wishing to wear what others wear, but would you castigate them for it? I'd guess not.

Knew I shouldn't have gotten into this. Where's Mummylonglegs when I need her? ;-)

Furor Teutonicus said...

Na. Femenists are the ones standing in the corner at fancy dress partys, dressed as a Russian ship yard welder, complete with Lenin hat, Stalin moustache, donkey jacket, and trying desperately to find the socket to plug its arc welder into, whilst kicking of the staffy which is trying to shag its leg, with its steel toe cap engineer boots.

Trouble is, it is not in fancy dress, someone forgot to mention that on its invite.

Frank Davis said...

I challenge any male reading here to have attended a fancy dress evening where their partner wasn't trying to look as feminine and attractive as possible.

She wasn't exactly my partner at the fancy dress party, but I can vividly remember pretty young Mrs Jones coming to one dressed as a witch. She'd even had her face made up to look absolutely horrible, complete with warts and all.

I'd fallen completely in love with her until then. It entirely broke the spell. But that's what witches do, isn't it?

And I was only eight years old.

JuliaM said...

"If women are to have the same freedoms as men, feminists can't easily complain when some women exercise those freedoms in a way feminists disapprove of."

I'll believe feminists really have the dignity of womanhood at heart when a stunningly beautiful feminist complains about glamour shots.

Turing word: ruman

Instead of the ones who look like bulldogs licking pee off a nettle...

JuliaM said...

Oh, I fail at editing this morning!

TheFatBigot said...

The great irony is that the most strident feminists combine a apparent loathing of men with an insatiable appetite to appear and behave in the most masculine possible way.

Could it be that it is not really a loathing of men at all but a loathing of pretty women?

Neal Asher said...

And where are all the vocal feminists shouting about the oppression of women by patriarchal Islam? Probably in the same camp (oops, no pun intended) as all those lefty socialists who say nothing about those of the same religion who would like to stone homosexuals to death.

Cate Munro said...

. . . and when they endeavour to look like men they do a bloody awful job!

I'm with Subrosa on this one. Thankfully I look like a girl - but can be just as much a pint-drinking ladette when I choose.

Most women strike a good balance these days and leave the lefty bra-burners to get on with it!

Cooking Lager said...

You've got to be a feminist these day though, if you want to shag birds.

Anonymous said...

To the FatBigot.
I cannot attest to the first half of your handle, but I can only agree with the second part.

MU said...

"Men like to appear commanding and manly (even if they are a 9 stone weakling)"

Huh. That's me. Better hit the gym, or I could take a leaf from the feminists book and BAN MENS HEALTH MAGAZINES

neil craig said...

I remeber back when Thatcher was enthroned having a discussion with a wimmin.

She regreted that women didn't get the top jobs in politics.

I mentioned the PM.

She said Thatcher didn't represent the aspirations of women.

I said a higher proportion of women than men voted Tory.

She said Thatcher didn't represent the aspirations of women

I asked why they voted for her then.

She said Thatcher didn't represent the aspirations of women.

AntiCitizenOne said...


Marxism's a religion isn't it?

Dick Puddlecote said...

Neil Craig: Med me laff, did that. :-)

Cooking Lager: You too.

Pavlov: That is a perfect analogy, wish I'd thought of it, TBH.

BTS said...

Dick neglected to mention the dish for all the chaps' car keys at these 'fancy dress evenings' he attends..