Thursday 21 January 2010

Say It Often As You Like, But It Still Isn't True

Even the judiciary isn't immune to believing demonstrable poppycock spewed out by the anti-alcohol lobby. But then, this coroner is from Norfolk.

Coroner criticises supermarket cheap alcohol after fatal '£10' binge

Mr Armstrong said: "The huge amount that he drank could have been purchased at a supermarket for around £10. It is alarming that alcohol can be purchased at supermarkets at a price less than bottled water.

For £10 you can buy 284 litres of water, in any supermarket you care to choose, and still pop a coin in the charity box on the way out.

Now, if there's a supermarket where I can buy that much decent booze for a tenner, I've been shopping in the wrong places for years.


Private Widdle said...

Fucking hell. /facepalm

When even a fucking coroner can't understand that it was the amount that the silly twat swallowed that killed him, not how much he paid for it, then we really are in fucking trouble. Is it me or has some sort of fucking nerve gas been released that makes people stand fucking common sense on its ear? What the fuck is going on?

Mark Wadsworth said...

I can't be arsed reading what you linked to, but WTF is this: "could have been purchased"?

Was it or wasn't it, and if yes, was it a factor?

Curmudgeon said...

Where is the evidence that he paid under £10 for this binge, or indeed any evidence of what he paid at all? For all we know he might have done it on Chateau Lafite and 30-year-old Lagavulin as a final, costly two fingers to the gods.

Norway, Sweden and Finland all have much higher alcohol taxes than we do, and much more restricted availability, yet all have proportionately more people literally drinking themselves to death, as the unfortunate Mr Prosser did.

In a sense, scarcity breeds excess.

Spartan said...

Write to the f'ing idiot at and try and ram some commonsense down him. l doubt l'll get a reply but hey ho.

The man who died had been a heavy drinker for 30 years ... somehow l think he drank a damn more than £10 worth of alcohol in that time.

Spartan said...

Most expensive bottled water l can find at Asda is 8.4p per 100ml ... oh how l wish alcohol was the same!

Junican said...

You see, this coroner has believed what he has read in the papers. 'Alcohol is cheaper than bottled water'. This person is supposed to be intelligent. What hope have we got when people such as he cannot diferentiate between what the papers say and the truth?

God Almighty! When will it end?

JuliaM said...

"For £10 you can buy 284 litres of water..."

And if you attempted to drink all of it at once, guess what'd happen?

That's right. It'd kill you.

Ban water now!

Uncle Marvo said...


Unknown said...

Will you bastards stop talking about bloody water FFS! I'm off to the superdoopermarket to stock up before the righteous clear out the Buckfast in a fit of indignation!