Monday 11 January 2010

More Of This In SW1 Please

Behold a rare blast of Westminster common sense from Baroness Deech on the Crusties blog.

Lord Quirk asked a question today about taking measures to improve performance in written and spoken English throughout the education system. So many peers rose to their feet wishing to participate that very few could be heard. Had I been one of them, I would have asked the Minister to tell schools and universities to deduct marks for poor spelling and grammar when marking assignments. Many of the teachers and lecturers give the impression to their students that expressing themselves in their writing is all that matters, regardless of accuracy. Some of the students think that spell check will take care of any mistakes they make. It is time for standards of accuracy to be reimposed.

Yo, wot da ole biatch sed, innit.

The Baroness is no stranger to sensible thinking, either, as you may remember from September.

Such a shame, then, that her being in the Lords, and without political affiliation at that, means that none of the morons in the other place will likely take any bloody notice.

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