Sunday 17 January 2010

Children As EU Political Fodder

Never let it be said that the EU don't see the value in children.

The EU's interactive game, dubbed "Crisis Point", asked children to imagine that they were an MEP or a European Commissioner faced with a deadly new disease, Xtreme Drug Resistant TB, which had sent Europe into meltdown. The players were told they had just a day to choose from a range of strategies to save their fellow European citizens from disaster. If national governments were allowed to take unilateral action, the screen showed that millions would die. But if the EU was allowed to assume control, it would be possible to reduce the number of deaths to only a few dozen.

Wouldn't [insert dictator of your choice here] be so very proud?

There really is only one antidote to all this creeping institutional indoctrination, and that's to teach your own kids - scratch that, demand of them - a healthy dose of cynicism.

We really are in desperate straits when we are forced to protect our kids from those who purport to protect us.


Anonymous said...

SO fed up with all politicians using children for sinister purposes. For the last few days every news item on our so called 'great leader' has shown him with children, it's sickening.

cornyborny said...


The premise to that game is just riotous. The EU steps in and takes life-saving, decisive action?


BTS said...

I had a go at that. It gets better after level 5 when you can upgrade to the rocket launcher..