Sunday 17 October 2010

Dane In The Ass

Oh dear. Someone in Denmark is off message, and he just happens to be the Interior and Health Minister, Bertel Haarder.

You see, he's only gone and spoken his mind, the poor sod.

"I simply do not believe passive smoking is important and I think that science is backing me on that. I do not think it is so dangerous - I am a non-Believer."
This has sent the Danish righteous into a frenzy, of course, so Haarder is now furiously back-tracking. He claims that it wasn't fair to quote him because it wasn't an official interview.

We stood and chatted about active smoking versus passive smoking. And then I said that it seems that someone is exaggerating the effects of passive smoking. But I was not interviewed, he added.
The particular straw he is grasping is the word "so", as in 'not-so-dangerous-as-active-smoking-but-still-deadly-of-course'. Now, while it's amusing to learn that Danish politicos are as self-interested and gutless as British ones, one word is not really much of a solid base for saving one's political career.

"Save his career, Dick?", I hear you say, "he's been a member of the Danish parliament since 1975, he surely has nothing to fear?". No. You see, you wildly under-estimate the vicious, swivel-eyed spite of global tobacco control. He has spoken the truth, so therefore must be called in for re-programming.

[...]"we need to clarify the health minister's view of passive smoking", says SF's health spokesman Jonathan Dahl.

"It's a totally evidence-based knowledge that passive smoking is harmful, so I'm as shocked that the Minister of Health apparently live in a bell jar from the 1970s", he says, adding: "therefore, I will of course call him in consultation, so we can clarify his position."
For 'clarify his position', read 'fall into line immediately', with the veiled threat that if this doesn't satisy the terminally psychotic health lobby, he will henceforth be regarded as some strange 1970s throwback fruitcake.

No pressure, Bertel. But there really is only one opinion permitted, you see?

If he fails to satisfy the Danish inquisition (perhaps he didn't expect that), his future will be rather bleak ... like that predicted here for climate sceptic, Henry Lewis.

Lewis will be ostracised, his name blackened, his previous work dismissed as eccentricity, his future work dismissed as funded by oil companies. He will be expunged from the scientific community and threats of similar treatment will be issued to all who dare to commission him.

The debate is over, you see? The evidence 'overwhelming'. It has been written.
He can wriggle all he likes, but all the above will now be applied to Haarder and, considering his age (66), the innuendo as to his senile unsuitability for office will be pursued with vigour.

It's how anti-smokers work.

He's toast.


Witterings from Witney said...

"It's a totally evidence-based knowledge that passive smoking is harmful"

Source(s) are.............? Were I home I would quote Booker in Scared to Death who shows there is no such evidence!

Anonymous said...

So he'e been persuaded that the Emperor did wear clothes.

Anonymous said...

Reading the comments on that story, it seems a lot of Danish don't believe the propaganda either. They have caught onto the pharma con too :)

Unknown said...

That was the first thing that stuck out for me DP. Trying to make out that anyone that does not follow the faith of anti smoking then they must be a throwback to the dark ages when we used to smoke in pubs and clubs without anyone turning a hair.

SHS is all horse shit and they know it but they like to think they are being progressive while sharpening their knives whilst eyeing up us neanderthals.

Klaus K said...

More on this here:

JuliaM said...

"Now, while it's amusing to learn that Danish politicos are as self-interested and gutless as British ones..."

We already knew that, thanks to the hordes of OUTRAGED! muslims...

Anonymous said...

Amazing ,just how much power have these fuckers got if they can gag an elected representative ?

Clarissa said...

Who are 'SF' and why does their spokesman apparently have the power to call the country's Health Minister in for re-education, sorry 'consultation'?

Anonymous said...

We should not forget that zealots, despite
their financial and political clout,are generally speaking, weak,
insecure individuals. Some day soon ,their cosy interfering existence will be threatened by a
more physiacal based response.When they begin to share the hatred ,isolation,intolerance and
physical discomfort of their victims,then they will think twice
before villifying their neighbours.

Free Corps

Paul said...

Clarissa: 'SF' stands for Socialistisk Folkeparti (Socialist People's Party), an eco-socialist and 'popular socialist' political party. The government minister is from Venstre (meaning 'Left'), the centre-right conservative liberal government in power with the DF (Danish People's Party, national conservative rightists, kind of midway between UKIP and the BNP).

Unknown said...

How can a ministers personal meaning be the truth ?

Unknown said...

Just to tell you. No tv-media have had it at the news. So it's nothing here in DK. It's only Klaus Kjellerup who think there's at story. Some newspapers got it yes. But else there's no media.

The people at the streets doesn't know anything. So no big deal.

Dick Puddlecote said...

ikke-ryger: "How can a ministers personal meaning be the truth ?"

Are you saying that they only tell the truth when they are on camera and being a 'politician' but lie in private conversations?

You've been sniffing too many bacon fumes, sunshine.

subrosa said...

That's him black-balled. I think he's around retiring age so it won't matter to him I don't suppose.

It's a ruthless lot smokers are up against.