Thursday 28 October 2010

Drink Yourself Healthy

That's it, the constant nagging has beaten me into submission. It's a fair cop, I'll come quietly, Doctor. From now on I'm going to be a good boy and get healthy.

So what could be more healthy than drinking milk, eh? OK, there's an ickle bit of chocolate in it. Oh yeah, and quite a lot of alcohol too. About 40% proof alcohol, to be precise.

But it's milk. Good old, sweet-to-goodness, calcium-packed, healthy milk. I feel better about myself already. So good, in fact, that I may take up running ... to the fridge to get it, once I've taken delivery.

Available to buy online here. No cows were harmed in the making of this healthy beverage.


Curmudgeon said...

I thought the Righteous had decided milk and all dairy products were harmful to health...

Anonymous said...


If you want to keep your pulses healthy you have to eat healthy pulses.

Ben said...

If cows can produce this heavenly drink without being harmed, a glass (or a pitcher) a day will keep your doctor away.
But don't forget to return the bottles to the store, others might already waiting for them to be refilled.

Dick Puddlecote said...

Curmudgeon: Dunno, all that calcium must be good for my teeth, surely. Might help with the dentist form. ;)

Anon: Do they do alcoholic pulses? Or maybe ones with nicotine in them? We might be onto something here!

Ben: Cows fed on Cadburys and Tequila would do it. Only problem is that they'll get acne and fight over the best grazing areas. :)

Grob Bone said...

Alcohol is better for you than milk.


since when did lack of evidence prove anything?

Leg-iron said...

Wasn't that stuff predicted by Dr. Hook and the Medicine Show some years ago?

Anonymous said...

As long as it's healthy, full-cream milk!!



or: just browse from the home page...


Leg-iron said...

No, I am mistaken. It was an entirely different medical professional.

Dr. Feelgood.

I had the doctor part right.

DaveA said...

Steady on old chap milk is far worse for you than second hand smoke (SHS) for lung cancer.

The raised risk for lung cancer engineered by the anti smokers is 24% but milk is 114%.

"Subjects reporting consumption of whole milk 3 or more times daily had a 2-fold increase in lung cancer risk compared to those who reported never drinking whole milk (RR = 2.14)."

All milk should be banned today and we do not want people dying of passive milk too.