Thursday 7 October 2010

Mascot Watch (10) - Bad Moon Rising Edition

As you can imagine, one meets some interesting political characters while hanging around the Tory fringe for a couple of days (more about that later). But it was particularly pleasing to encounter our esteemed blog mascot at The Freedom Zone on Monday.

I haven't done a Davies update for a while so, courtesy of RT TV, here's our Phil - fresh from the Free Society debate - doing a Creedence and predicting dark days ahead for the Eurozone. Watch out for the description of the EU as "an inward-facing, backward-looking protection racket".

We're not worthy.

Oh yeah, and here's an exclusive 'behind the scenes' pic from Puddlecote Paparazzo Ltd.

I'm not a stalker. Honest.


Pat Nurse MA said...

Awesome indeed. I'll link to my blog because I made him my mascot too.

wassname said...

What a star is Philip, but how is it that the truth is so easy to propound, but so difficult to accept?

Grob Bone said...

"an inward-facing, backward-looking protection racket". I don't know ... in my book, the EU is a backward-facing, inward-looking protection racket. I would propoubd that as an entirely different kettle of pisciform creatures, wouldn't you agree?