Tuesday 12 October 2010

David Nuttall: Ten Minute Hero

Quite a few people asked me, in Birmingham, about ten minute rule bills. I knew why, of course. It's because at around lunchtime tomorrow David Nuttall, MP for Bury North, will be presenting one calling for a perfectly sensible amendment to the smoking ban.

Or, in his own words ...

Now, a hopeful delegate from Luton asked me what were the chances of this leading to a change in the law. I was brutally honest and said "almost none".

To explain, for those who are unaware, rule bills can lead to a real change in law but almost never do. They consist of a backbencher being allowed ten minutes to exhort fellow MPs as they file out of the House after PMQs. An MP with a differing view is then allowed the same ten minutes to argue against. If there are no objections leading to a vote (which is usually the case), the proposal is permitted to go to a second reading.

Something tells me that such perceived (and contrary to EU wishes) heresy as Nuttall is proposing may not be allowed to get that far by HMG Righteous Inc.

However, just getting the slot in the first place is quite an achievement seeing as they are so coveted, and allocated on an early morning first come, first served basis. So, if you'd care to congratulate David and wish him luck, I'm sure that popping a message on his blog would be greatly appreciated.

So who will be speaking against our ten minute hero? Stephen Williams springs immediately to mind, or maybe Ian Mearns, both on the committee I mentioned earlier. But Bob Russell, Stephen Pound, Howard Stoate and Kate Green can't be ruled out either. Let's just hope that, whoever it turns out to be, they don't have someone's eye out with their ever-lengthening nose as they describe how successful the ban has been.

David's speech is scheduled immediately after PMQs at around 12:30pm. There should be a link to watch it live tomorrow at BBC Democracy Live.

UPDATE: Iain Dale is also featuring Nuttall's video, with very positive comments.


Anonymous said...

Not only does the MP have freak
zealots to contend with,the
very people he is trying to help,
give out statements to help the
anti smoking fanatics

Quote from Statement to
Financial Markets
"Punch said it was still investing about 2 million pounds a month to help struggling tenants cope with the impact of the recession, beer duty hikes and cheap booze offers from supermarkets. Before the recession it was helping out to the tune of about half a million pounds a month."

The Pubcos are supplying the antis
with ammunition a day before common sense gets a chance to speak

This anti smoking caper is now becoming a rallying focus for
some real creeps who need a very
serious bit of close up attention

No reviews,no amendments,no
re thinks,no relaxations,I should
have thought by now the penny has dropped for all those living in hope of reasonable debate.

Chat,chat is at an end
Something with a bit more bollocks in it ,is urgently needed.

Dead Town Dweller

Smoking Hot said...

Can we guess what the response is going to be after David has finished?

Anonymous said...

141 to 81 against.
The list will be published tommorow .
Least we will know who the Illeberal bastards are.

Fredrik Eich said...

I loved how on Ian Dales' blog "JunkieBuster" having informed us ever so knowlegably
that pubs will take years to recover from the tresspass by 500 years of smokers ended with:

"Next up, time to get tough on the alcohol peddling industry that does so much to amke a misery of so many people's lives."

Presumably, JunkieBuster's idea of a pub is a transfat-free meal and a glass of water. So once we have severed the connection between the drinks industry and pubs everyone can live just like JunkieBuster!!

They don't even bother to hide their contempt for pub culture whilst defending the demise of pubs!

Anonymous said...

Junkiebuster ,hmm, sounds like ciggiebuster ?

Mark Wadsworth said...

At least 81 voted in favour. I'm pleasantly surprised it was that many, to be honest.