Friday 8 October 2010

Denial, Thy Name Is Hairy

I was truly shocked when I saw this article in the Daily Mail today.
Pronounced Labour Euro trougher, Hairy, on Tuesday ...

It would seem that the pressures people are under to conform to some image of the ideal human being – male or female – is seriously skewing our sense of what is important in our lives.
I think you know what's coming, don't you.

She was reacting to this particular Wail piece.

Experts say that the stigma surrounding being overweight has become so great that it can affect almost every aspect of life.
Shocked, she is. Shocked! And also possessed of breathtaking chutzpah since she is a member of the party which has spent the past 13 years bullying the public into 'conforming to some image of the ideal human being'.

Hairy herself, earlier in the very same article, had even contributed a little bit more abuse herself.

Before I go on, I should add the health warning that the article deals with women who are obese rather than those who are within an acceptable range but still feel fat.
So, being 'obese' is not 'acceptable' anymore?

Hmm, those 'pressures' you talk about, Hairy. You know, the ones you say are 'skewing our sense of what is important in our lives'. D'you reckon it might help if condescending shitsticks like you, and your health-obsessed colleagues, just shut the fuck up about what's 'acceptable' or not, once in a while?

Go on, give it a try.


Pat Nurse MA said...

She would say that wouldn't she? Fat cow. Well said Dick.

Bucko said...

What a muppet.
My idea of what is acceptable is me sat here with a big cigar, quaffing Guinness.

Grob Bone said...

In my view, it is entirely unacceptable that such a shit-stirring public-money thief should be allowed to share the oxygen of decent folk.

Anonymous said...

Yeah bit of a porker yourself aintcha Hairy.