Sunday 17 October 2010

Now The Left 'Get It'

OK, the thrust of the article is an emotive pop at bankers, designed to appeal to Guardianista capitalism envy, but Victoria Coren's description of politicians is remarkably accurate.

Sometimes I wonder why they bother speaking at all. Why not just point and laugh?


all the parties are the same. They're interchangeable. They're like members of the Saturdays. If you're a fan of the Saturdays, you think there's a massive difference between Rochelle and Frankie. But there isn't. You're just too close in.


When they say good morning, they mean it's midnight. When they say: "I've made you a cup of tea", they mean: "I've just weed in your coffee."
It's just a shame that no-one over at CiF exhibited such concerns prior to May 2010 (ahem, referendum), isn't it?

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Anonymous said...

A Red Tomorrow ????
Due to overcrowding in Northern Englands last surviving pub(Wetherspoons in the
Peoples Republic of Salford) the Gulag Manager has had to introduce SHIFT