Saturday 2 October 2010

Link Tank 02/10

Aah-aah-aah-aaaaah, easy like Saturday morning.

Libertarianism explained: It's not a traditional conservative vs 'liberal' thing

Getting through a smoke free Oktoberfest

Australia moves to apply a biometric, government-set gambling limit

Bans on texting while driving actually increases crash rate

Sweden's elite are in denial over the collapse of social democracy

For the umpteenth year running, the Ig Nobel prizes for crazy science still not as wacky as public health research

A handy cut out and keep guide to using a roundabout

Vaclav Klaus tells the UN to keep their nose out

Question everything, especially the Daily Mail

Welsh anti-smoking nutters urge Stereophonics to make demands on a rock festival ... in Indonesia

Why parents banning books is a bad idea

Science explained ... by Sesame Street


Sam Duncan said...

“It's an indication that texting bans might even increase the risk of texting for drivers who continue to do so despite the laws.”

Well that's okay then. We know what happens to people who don't toe the line now, don't we? No pressure.

Anonymous said...

Oktoberfest...smoke free??????

You could smoke there when the
so called "most infamous anti smoker of all time " Uncle Adolph
was in charge.

Forcing people to stand outside because of their lifestylye,
that rings a bell(in German)

Free Corps
(Corps Libre)
(Frei Korps)

Eddie Douthwaite said...

Latest press release from F2C:-