Tuesday 19 October 2010

Soyez Bienvenus Au Club, La France

First Ireland, then Scotland, followed by Wales and England.

May as well join the club eh, France?

DESPITE numerous campaigns, including hard-hitting imagery, and increasing the taxes on tobacco, the number of people who smoke in France has risen.

Statistics from the Institut National de Prévention et d'Education pour la Santé show that 28.7 per cent of the population smoke, with much of the increase being amongst women.

Women aged between 45-65 years old have increased their tobacco use, from 16% to 22.5%, and this comes despite government efforts which included the banning of smoking in public places, such as cafes and restaurant.
Yep, those bans and restrictions sure are mighty successful, aren't they?

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The witch from Essex said...

As in this country, women in that age group are the least likely to want to stand in the street smoking (I know as I fall into that category) We are of an age that were taught that it was only 'ladies of the night' who stood on street corners smoking !!!
Therefore they stay home more and consequently smoke more.
Didn't take a lot of figuring out really.

Anonymous said...

The Sex Pistols God Save the Queen went straight to No 1 March 1977.
After the BBC banned it .

Conclusion ?
Bans are good for sales .

This fact also applies to illegal narcotics as well.
Double LOL.

Just don't get it do they ?

The witch from Essex said...

Take a look at the top 50 banned books and see which ones were best sellers.

Bans are good for sales.

Anonymous said...

The ban has failed the smokers & the smokers have failed the ban.

Either way it's because "bans don't work"...why delight in that fact?

Engaging in a practice that has been proven to ruin people's lives is good...seeking to prevent people from ruining their lives is bad. Great "Conservative Libertarian" reasoning. "Don't tell me not to kill myself & others...that's MY job".

Lighting up a cigarette is a much a decision to "shove your view down others throats" as banning cigarette smoking is...the difference being that your "choice" leaves non smokers no option but to breathe your smoke.

g1lgam3sh said...

Anonymouss "20 October 2010 04:01"

You Sir are a poltroon...oh and a prize cunt...just sayin'

Anonymous said...

Sorry to tell you but I don't follow non smokers around puffing smoke at them.
Besides what's the problem with seperate ventilated smoking areas.
Then you don't get harmless second hand smoke.
Unlike the harmfull deisel fumes you inhale whilst walking on the pavement ?
That's why your Illeberal.

Little Black Sambo said...

I am afraid you are missing the point. Research by ASH and various other independently funded charities has shown that without the ban the proportion of smokers in the population would have risen to 98%. So how can you say that the ban has failed?

I am Stan said...

98% ?.....98% aha aha AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

Anonymous said...

Actually if it were a true anti smoking statistic they would have quoted 110 %.

Dick Puddlecote said...

Witch & Anon (17:03): Yes, it's quite cathartic seeing events blow up in the faces of the po-faced. You'd think they might learn, wouldn't you?

Odd Nocturnal Anon: Conservative? You're new around here, obviously.

Sambo, Anon: It just depends which figure pops out of their office random number generator at the time - they generally have a lot of use for 400,000 though, for some strange reason.

Klaus K said...

And in USA too:

US smoking rate still stuck at 1 in 5 adults