Thursday 14 October 2010

Business Owners Are Stupid, Declares Labour MP

Just one last word on yesterday's ten minute rule bill as it's been amusing me all day. We're all aware that Kevin Barron spewed bullshit throughout his eight minute response, but this unreferenced and baseless excerpt really stands out as an example of either innocently retarded, or deliberately mendacious, parliamentary cockwaffle. Remember that our MPs habitually vomit this kind of gobshite all over the chamber on a daily basis.

There is an issue with the effect on business. I have looked at all the evidence and I must say that trying to introduce smoke-free rooms ventilated to the level that would be necessary would have a negative effect on business; there is no way that will benefit businesses.
Well, why bother arguing against the bill then? If there is categorically 'no way' that it will be of benefit, no business owner will do so and all pubs would choose to remain non-smoking.

Unless, of course, he is condescendingly asserting that all pub owners are so stupid that they don't know how to run their own business like Kevin - who has never run any business in his life - obviously does.

To be fair, his bollocks were probably stinging like fuck from the attentions of the buzz-happy witch by that point, but taking all into consideration ... yes, he's a fully gulled, lack-witted helmet, isn't he?


Witterings from Witney said...

DP, might one be so bold as to suggest that you have your title in the wrong order?

'Labour MPs are stupid, declare Business Owners' is what I believe you meant to write?

Ed Butt said...

Well at least Dave & Co are going to stop the thought police from encouraging smokers to sue the tobacco companies ... or something like that?