Thursday 14 October 2010

Monty Python Were Seriously Misguided

Finland appears to be a country to avoid like the plague judging by recent reports.

Dick's Saturday Club will remember reading about their government's plans to outlaw smoking entirely, but it seems that Finns are equally in the thrall of alcohol nannies.

English-speaking Finnish TV channel, YLE, suffered a serious sense of humour arrest when news presenter Kimmo Wilska decided to ... well, see for yourself.

Puritanism being a worldwide phenomenon nowadays means that, quite naturally, he was sacked the moment he stepped off camera.

A Facebook group has since been set up in his defence which currently boasts more than 40,000 members. However, that still doesn't settle my anti-righteous mind.

If you hadn't noticed on first viewing, just replay the film and look out for this astonishing reason for Finnish authorities to revoke alcohol licences.

"[...] selling more than one serving to a customer at a time."
Beg fucking pardon?

Dionysus, I beseech you. Kill Finland! Kill it with fire!

(Title refers to this)


Anonymous said...

Dick. Please do not tar all Finns with the same brush. This fun loving wonderful nation, whose members I have spent many happy times with are unfortunately beset by a terrible evil in the form of a frankly shit government in which a total runkkari like Ismo Tuominen is allowed to thrive. This complete bastard is ruining the reputation of an otherwise unimpeachable nation. May he rot in hell!

Anonymous said...

Yet another Country ruined by pathetic and useless politicians. These people seriously need stringing up.

Mark Wadsworth said...


Possibly even less deserving off the sack that Thomas Shazbfbernaczgzker for flicking his middle finger or that Australian bloke who kept laughing at the Indian name Dikshit.

Is somebody doing an all time top ten of TV presenters sacrificed on the altar of political correctness?

Anonymous said...

It's OK to roll around in the snow starkers in public though.
Then ...
The stinging nettles.
Puritans do stuff like that.
Don't let Barron see it might gice the prod nose ideas.

Dick Puddlecote said...

Anon @ 01:47: If the evidence above is testament to his work, I echo your thoughts about Tuominen. And no tarring of all Finns intended (40,000 FB Finns can't be bad, for a start), we kinda had a hunch it would be entirely politician-led.

MW: Good idea, I'll have a look around the 'net. :)

Ciaran said...

That's staggering. I nearly fell off my chair when he said "selling more than one serving..."

A glimpse of where we're headed in this country if the drones get their way, which they always do these days. Complaining on blogs and setting up Facebook groups is just pissing into the wind. What will it take for people, en masse, to start standing up to these nutters?

Anonymous said...

Divide and rule.
That's what the bastards went for the pubs.
Ooo h you don't have to put up with the smoke anymore !
Trouble is soon the teetotalers won't have to put up with the beer anymore.
Cameeeeeraaaaa are you listening ,
heeeloo heeeloo is their anyone home ?

I am Stan said...

Yo Dick,

Hahahaha that was funny,shame he was sacked,the Puritans really are a humorless bunch of dipsticks.

Anonymous said...

Finland is a hole up the arse end of nowhere filled with fat alcoholics. Sorry, but the place has the highest rate of genetic defects in the known universe because no one moves TO Finland. It is an idiotic, little place with delusions of a place on the world stage. Ban smoking in Finland, then the few remaining Finns will leave. Who cares.

The witch from Essex said...

Finland has one of the highest rates of suicide mortality in the world.

No wonder !!

Anonymous said...

Pity the Lutheran ,Puritanical,
blacked out swamp was not in easy reach of Toquemada's Inquistion
and their heretic burning crew.They would have given the
Suomi freaks some real smoke to
whinge about.
Lets forget blaming politicians all the time,lets put the blame where it is due, the people,
it is a democracy after all.

As CIARAN said earlier, dithering
on the WEB aint going to sort the
zealots out,they need something
with a bit more substance,something to grab the headlines.

Witch Finder CSM

The Wasp said...

The Finnish government may be puritans but the Finns certainly aren't judging by the car loads of booze that gets taken back to Finland from Estonia.

Just outside the ferry terminal in Tallinn there is a large shop with the simple sign "Alcopood" (meaning Alcohol Shop in Estonian). Its the Finnish version of a booze cruise and is extremely popular.

At least they don't get the third degree when they return unlike us poor buggers who have to convince the UK Border Agency that EU regulations on personal imports do not have a limit despite their "guidelines on quantities for personal use".