Friday 1 October 2010

Watching The BBC Tumbleweed

Toby Young has been describing the vitriolic reaction from lefties toward his efforts to set up a free school in West London. In particular, he mentions BBC radio DJ Marc Haynes, who tweeted thus.

Naturally, since Young's two year old kid was 'on' the documentary, it's perfectly reasonable that some mischievous soul added this to Haynes's Wikipedia page last night.

I'm sure the BBC will no doubt soon be sanctioning Haynes for what can arguably be termed politically-motivated hate speech. After all, to not do so would be going against their rules on impartiality.

Wouldn't it?


Anonymous said...

Lefties believe Children have to go to state school,how else are they going to learn never to question anything the state wants.
Oh and obviously child abusers too !

Michael Fowke said...

Lefties believe other people's children should go to state school.

Dick Puddlecote said...

True, Michael. Whatever lefties believe MUST happen or they get stroppy. Someone should have taken a belt to them as children themselves. ;)

Anonymous said...

I learned yesterday that home schooling is outlawed in Germany. Is this true for any other EU nations?

Fascist Hippy said...

To Marc Haynes, I'm going on the list, care to pop round, anytime will do, so at your convenience. Please post your email address so that we can arrange to meet.

g1lgam3sh said...

Another Epic Fail from the Luvvie Wing of the Righteous.

Paul said...


Since you asked:

It is illegal (without any exceptions) in:

Cyprus. Greece. Latvia. Lithuania. Malta. Romania. Slovakia. Slovenia. Spain (an exemption is in place for Catalonia).

In some other countries like Poland and Sweden it is illegal under very restrictive conditions. In the Netherlands and Estonia it is illegal except for parents that can not find a public school fitting their beliefs in the area. In Bulgaria only special needs children can be home educated, and then under strict state oversight.

It is illegal in most non-EU countries.

Paul said...

Typo: In some other countries like Poland and Sweden it is legal under very restrictive conditions.