Friday 29 October 2010

Less Government = More Jobs

Via the UK Libertarian, here's an amusing video illustration of the obstacles state and local government place in front of business start ups and job creation. As a business owner myself, who has been prevented from taking on more staff this year directly attributable to petty bureaucracy, I fully recognise this. Davy's preamble explains it very well, although I'd add 'and the EU' at the asterisks to fully tailor it for the UK.

Although it is America depicted in the video, the situation is exactly the same here in the UK. When people say the Government needs to create jobs because the market isn’t doing so, show them this short movie; for free-market capitalism to work effectively it needs competition AND free entry into the marketplace. Whenever Government* creates a regulation or a license or a rule it makes it harder for the poor person to better themselves.

It’s not capitalism or the Market that causes the widening gap between rich and poor, but rather the Government*.

Footnote: US bureaucracy also stops kids setting up traditional lemonade stalls these days, too.

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