Tuesday 14 April 2009

Beg Pardon? (Yet Again)

Air-headed bureaucracy at its very worst.

Ambulance staff in Dorset have been told to ignore emergencies during meal breaks under new rules.

Workers have been told they must take two compulsory 30-minute breaks during a 12-hour shift and cannot respond to emergencies during this time.

Could this be an elfin safety directive, perchance?

Good grief.


BTS said...

Are there any rules governing the consumption of cupcakes during these breaks?

banned said...

Wasn't there a case in the papers just a couple of weeks ago where a member of the public appealed directly to an ambulance driver who was monstered by the press for just so claiming to be on a break and advising they call 999 ?

Anonymous said...

Something to do with the EU Working Time Directive, would be my bet.

The old elephant-in-the-room again.