Thursday, 30 April 2009

Circular Flow Of Righteousness ...

... or how Labour use our money to pay themselves to lobby ... err ... themselves.

Via Taking Liberties, one might wish to read an article by Ed West at the Telegraph describing very well how Labour are bastardising democracy, and using our taxes to do it.**

Imagine a taxpayer-funded advert calling on the Government to reduce abortion or immigration?The squeals of outrage would kill every vole and mouse within 5 miles of the Guardian offices. But it's an impossible scenario, as debate in Britain is skewed leftwards because Left-wing pressure groups are funded by the Government - in other words, us.

Labour. Corrupt to the very core.

** As usual, the anti-smoking rabble in the comments completely miss the point of the piece (deliberately perhaps?)

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Mark Wadsworth said...

I didn't know you could kill voles by squealing, I must try that.

Top article by Ed West (any relation to Fr?), esp. this "It's as if the Allies continued the bombing of Germany into 1946 just for the hell of it."It's gone very quiet on the fakecharities front, I haven't seen a new one for a couple of weeks. Maybe they're working short hours in the quango-factory?