Thursday, 2 April 2009

Milk: Enemy Of The Soviet Republic Of Scotland

If there is one saving grace about living under a Labour government, it's that at least we don't have to suffer one administered by the SNP.

PARENTS have launched a bid to scrap a new law that bans every school pupil in the country from drinking full-fat milk.
They say parents – rather than the state – should decide what their children drink in school.

You know what? I think they may have a point.

Ministers are under pressure to tackle the country's obesity crisis.

And their answer is to ban full fat milk in contravention of medical advice?

Sue Baic of the British Dietetic Association sought to reassure parents. “Children need a lot of energy, and full-fat milk for the under-fives is entirely appropriate."

And ...

Janet Fyle, a professional policy adviser for the Royal College of Midwives, said full-fat milk was crucial to a child’s development.

She said: “Milk is still important for young children.

Whole milk and full-fat dairy products are a good source of vitamin A, which helps the body to resist infection and is needed for healthy skin and eyes.”

Dr Rafe Bundy, a lecturer in nutrition at Glasgow University, said: “Full-fat milk has 4 per cent fat. Compared with a lot of foods, milk is low-fat because it is mainly water: it is water and vitamins and calcium and protein. I must admit a ban doesn’t make a lot of sense.”

So who, exactly, is exerting this 'pressure'?

A report from the Scottish Public Health Observatory said obesity among adults had risen by 46 per cent since 1995. One in five primary seven children was estimated to be obese in 2004-5.

Why, it's yet another offshoot of the Department of Health, of course.

All that pressure exerted on the Scottish government, by those the Scottish government pay to lobby them, must be nigh on irresistible at times. Those poor saps who find themselves unfortunate enough to live in Jockland, though, will no doubt find it more difficult to be heard.

Angry members of Aberlady Parent Council, in East Lothian, have submitted a petition to the Scottish Parliament, to be heard next month, after a storm of criticism from health experts, who claim the government's healthy-eating drive is excessive. They say young children are being denied the essential fats they need as part of their development.

You just know where that petition is going. They'll be ripping it to pieces and playing pooh sticks over lunch on the Water of Leith.


Cate Munro said...

More radical lefty bollocks! Thank GOD I don't live there and I only have the likes of NuLieBore to worry about! ;-)

AloneMan said...

My god. What's most scary is that what starts in Scotland often comes down here. It is absoutely insane to deny children full-fat milk; it's a good wholesome drink and it gives them the energy they need to play and run about.

We have, of course, already seen the seedlings of this down here - a few years ago one of my children's friends had a Twirl bar confiscated from his lunch box because it wasn't "healthy". The fact that this friend was fit, slim and basically spent every spare minute of the day playing football was not relevant; some kids are obsese and therefore no one can eat high-energy food such as chocolate. It's called socialism.

BTS said...

There is a simple solution - kill all the cows. Loads of food for everyone. Sorted.

No wait, we can't do that either can we..?

I don't suppose we could get PETA involved and just kill all the fat kids..?

Unknown said...

It's like groundhog day - I am stuck in 1st April.

banned said...

Sue Baic of the British Dietetic Association is clearly not on the programme, no one says "appropriate" anymore.

Another benefit of the anti-food agenda is that if we kill the cows all that unfarted methane will save the polar bears from drowning, Brilliant !
Lots of the scary stuff starts in Scotland and/or Wales & Northen Ireland; it allows them to say to England 'It works OK there ( false stats to back up ) so what's your fucking problem, Nazi ?'

BTS said...

Okay, so we kill the cows, the Scots, the Welsh, the fat kids and James Nesbitt.