Saturday, 4 April 2009

Dan Hannan Is New Labour Smear Target #1

Labour Home is getting all hot under the collar today about Dan Hannan's rising popularity. Since his YouTube assassination of Brown at the EU Parliament, Hannan is now a Labour attack dog target, it seems.

NHS a 60 year mistake says top Tory

Dan Hannan MEP (remember him?), has been on Fox News this week (with the ever repugnant extreme right-winger Sean Hannity no less) espousing his belief that America shouldn't follow British-style "socialised medicine" as it's such a 'failure' over here:

Recess Monkey links with a damning commentary too ...

He follows it up with a series of outright lies.

... but doesn't, unfortunately, attempt to point out where, exactly, the lies in Hannan's comments are, or to attempt to provide proof.

“We’ve lived through this mistake; we’ve lived through this mistake for 60 years now… the reality is it hasn’t worked. It’s made people iller. We spend a lot of money and we get very bad results, you look at survival rates for cancer or for heart disease we are well down on all the leagues. We have very few Doctors. We disincentivise people from practising medicine in this country. A lot of our best and brightest Doctors emigrate. A lot of them go to North America because there’s no market.”

It's quite amusing that, despite all this bluster, a few Labour Home commenters opine that they think Hannan has a point, and as such there is some helpful debate on what could be made better. Which sort of confirms that Hannan was right to raise the issue.

The opposing views merely centre on the fact that the NHS is great and to back away, there is nothing to see here, the debate is over, evidence is overwhelming etc.

One commenter thinks this is a way of finally gaining revenge on the treacherous Hannan.

I think we should try to ensure this video gets as many hits as the other one :-) What say you, comrades?

Although not a 'comrade' myself, I say let it rip. The delusion of Labour supporters in believing that Hannan's words will not find resonance amongst a populace who read of daily NHS fuck ups says a lot. Spread the vid around and it could increase his stock even further.

In fact, I'll do it for them. Here you go.

Everything Hannan said about the G20 made sense too, by the way.


Cate Munro said...

Have you seen THIS!!!

saucepan said...

I'll be if any of those lieborelost luvvies found themselves in an NHS hospital they'd discharge themselves quicker than you could say MRSA.

Lawson said...

Tp, that link is just sooo funny. The sad thing is, that is the absolute best that liebore have left.

Little Black Sambo said...

Thanks for wonderful videos, DP and TP. The more people that watch them, the better.

banned said...

Tory P, being confronted by Prescott this early is somwhat unsettling.

Keep it up Dan, you have clearly rattled Labour and the more they slag you off the more publicity you and your ideals will recieve.

Own Goal by Labour.