Tuesday 7 April 2009

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Those Frenchies certainly think up ingenious ways to stage a protest.

PARIS (Reuters) - Almost half of French people believe it is acceptable for workers facing layoffs to lock up their bosses, according to an opinion poll published Tuesday.

Staff at French plants run by Sony, 3M and Caterpillar have held managers inside the factories overnight, in three separate incidents, to demand better layoff terms -- a new form of labour action dubbed "bossnapping" by the media.

Perhaps we could try this to ram some fucking morals into our MPs. The question is, which of the slimy troughers would be first for the hood and the rope?

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BTS said...

When's the next big vote? Then we could get the whole damn lot at once.

Don't forget to bring the unfeasibly large, amusingly-shaped marrow..