Friday, 3 April 2009

Quick! Look Busy, It's The Boss

What's the point of this?

Ofcom has fined the BBC £150,000 over the lewd phone calls Jonathan Ross and Russell Brand made to actor Andrew Sachs on Radio 2 last year.

A broadcasting company, paid for by us, is being made to hand over a cheque to a regulatory body, paid for by us. It's the public sector equivalent of pushing documents round the desk to appear busy when the boss is looking, isn't it?

Now if it was Jonathan Ross stumping up ...


Anonymous said...

Yes it should be the pair of them fined and the head of the bbc should make a televised apology on all channels just before the most popular programes.Make him squirm a bit for a change.

Anonymous said...

What then happens to the cash that Offcom receive ? Who ends up getting it ?

banned said...

Pointless as you say, does the 'cash' go to central fund or to Ofcoms HRcoffers ?
Individuals should be personally penalised as in the private sector, obviously.

BTS said...

It bugs me every time..

On the subject of being fined though, I don't think that anybody should have been. An apology ought to be sufficient and, failing that, sack the people involved if it's so bad.

It's worth bearing in mind that only two complaints (I may not remember precisely, but it was certainly under double figures) were received until the daily mail got involved.

I think that I might just be irritated by every aspect of this 'saga' (as it has now become)..