Wednesday 29 April 2009

Confused Of Barnsley

From the budget debate. Eric Illsley, Labour MP for Barnsley Central, seems to be set adrift between his party's healthist single-mindedness, and reality. He sort of knows what Labour rhetoric he should be regurgitating, but can't quite help occasionally meandering into telling the truth.

Mr. Illsley: I am on record as supporting minimum pricing and attacking supermarkets. I entirely agree with the hon. Lady’s comments.

Right on, comrade. All those binge drinking youngsters, that the clinically obese Liam Donaldson keeps telling us about, need sorting out.

In reality, alcohol consumption among young people is falling. In 2008, alcohol consumption fell by 4 per cent. among males and 22 per cent. among females.

Falling, did you say?

Then ...

It is argued that it is not just beer duty that is causing pubs to close, and there are a number of other reasons: high rents, difficulties with leases and the smoking ban have all contributed.

Awww bless. He really cares about pubs. Apart from when damaging measures are being passed by his party, natch. Unfortunately, he didn't feel like turning up to register objection when one of the contributing factors of which he speaks was put to a free vote.

A Labour MP pointing to one of his own party's policies as a problem, after having done fuck all to block it, and letting a cat out of the department of health propaganda bag? Small wonder he's still a backbencher after 22 years at Westmonster.

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