Monday, 13 April 2009

Draper At Risk Of Cancer?

If the expert opinion of that renowned and respected medic, Dr Russell Brand, is to be believed, Draper could be facing an imminent health crisis.

The comic says the late Big Brother star [Jade Goody] may not have developed her terminal cancer if it were not for the 'intense hatred' she faced over the Shilpa Shetty race row in 2007.

... he said: '[The media] just want to simplify things. Like with the Jade Goody situation. I personally think that poor young woman would not have developed cancer had she not been the focus of such intense hatred – malevolent hatred – for such a long period of time.'

Dolly is screwed then.

Oddly, Brand doesn't seem to make a distinction between undeserved hatred, and that which is brought upon oneself by one's own actions. It's the modern way, unfortunately. Always someone else's fault.

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banned said...

Fred The Shred too ? Cancer epidemic faces former bankers ?
What about the Barging Policeman ?