Friday, 17 April 2009

Just A Quickie

I feel I must pre-apologise if the headline offends anyone. After all, there may be a sexual connotation to it, of which some headscarf-wearing quaker might disapprove.

Like some of these odd people.

ITV is understood to have received around 40 complaints about the show, compared with a peak audience of 11.8 million. Ofcom is examining the programme to see if a full investigation is needed.

Why the need for an investigation? 40 people complained, 11,799,960 didn't.

But then it only took a mere three complaints to get this advert banned.

Remember the days when we used to just laugh at the likes of Mary Whitehouse? You know, back in the days when common sense was more important than common purpose?


Unknown said...

I thought having a sense of humour was banned.

haddock said...

That Cherie Blair will do 'owt to earn a few bob.

banned said...

Would be interesting to know just who those three complainants were.
Letter in the Telelgraph, " And Jesus entered the Inn Of The Three Stars ( or whatever ) and took courage ".

Dear Ofcom, what is your fucking problem ? Booze does give me Dutch courage, it's why I am such a hit with the birds and all the other lads are shit scared of me when I've had a few even though I am just a weedy wanker really.