Tuesday, 28 April 2009

A Case For Compulsory Euthanasia

Midday at the local pharmacy and the person in front of me was asking about protection against swine flu.

As I was served, I double-checked with the assistant that that is what I had heard. She replied, "Yes, she is the 10th one this morning."

Should one laugh or cry?


DaveA said...

The best defence against Swine Flu is, wait for it........oinkment!

Dr Evil said...

What may protect against this strain of 'flu is Tamiflu made by Roche. The children at the Devon school that the infected young girl goes to are all being given it. It is a preventative drug as well as a drug for treating 'flu in the ealy stages. it is Rx of course so onlt the GP of those enquiring can prescribe it. We only have enough treatments for about half the population. Mind you, it is an H1N1 which is very similar to the human strains of flu so a fair number will have a mild resistance to it. I don't think this is the equivalent of the black death but it has to be watched. In 1918 the 'flu started with mild symptoms in the spring, went away and roared back in the autumn and winter with extreme ferocity.