Friday, 24 April 2009

Pubs: Labour Hate Them

I see the green shoots of realisation, from representatives of the pub industry, that Labour don't really give a shit about them after slug-eyes's budget.

A statement from [the British Beer and Pub Association] said: “In imposing these additional beer taxes, the government has wilfully ignored the views of the public, landlords, consumer groups, industry representatives and MPs from all parties who have been calling for action to save the British pub."

That would be because Labour don't give a shit about you.

The Campaign for Real Ale's chief executive Mike Benner said: "It is disappointing that the Chancellor has ignored widespread public concern about the plight of Britain’s pubs and decided to press ahead with an increase which will result in yet more valued community pubs closing down."

Hey, Mike, I've told you before, it's because Labour don't give a shit about you.

Maybe the scales are beginning to be lifted from their eyes. They might even start fighting properly sometime soon, instead of rolling over and begging for a biscuit like they did when the last major threat to their trade was passing through parliament.

Just a reminder, Benner et al. It's Friday, it's gone 9:00pm, and I'm at home with a cheeky Shiraz from Sainsburys, Fanny Puddlecote at my side, and a fresh pouch of Belgian bought tobacco. My local will only accommodate two of the above. It's not just the tax on beer causing your problems, OK?


Witterings from Witney said...

Great post again DP! Oddly enough I have just given you a plug about ASH, seeing as how you hate them!

'Fanny Puddlecote'? God, your a brave man DP - still going to be with us tomorrow?

Unknown said...

Yep, great post DP and your memory is indeed elephantine. Those links go back a long way...some of us have short memories and need them jogging once and a while.

Dr Evil said...

It's now 35% of the price of a pint is tx. Over one third of the cost at the bar is tax. For what is mostly water! I know we always blame greedy brewers fopr cost increases but FFS. This tax is outrageous. Orginally it was a couple of pence. Now it's sky high. If the Cons wanted to make a popular cut, then a significant reduction in taxes on beer, wine and spirits would be very popular. Of course the usual health nazis would trot out their usual silly arguments.

Unknown said...

Well, it's gone 4.30 (where I am) and I am sat in a bar drinking today's 'special' which is cheap as chips and tastes good, I am smoking and I have free internet access.

Pubs in the UK can usually only accommodate 1 of the above (the 'special') and that is under threat.

I usually 'live' in this bar when I am here and I suspect I put a hefty amount their way in profits. I certainly would not be doing the same in the UK.