Sunday, 12 April 2009

Draper's Electric Back-tracking And Hypocrisy

And Derek Draper is a spin doctor, how?

All I know is these e-mails were private and I would say to people, you know, yes the content of these e-mails are shocking and people will be appalled when they read them tomorrow ...

This from someone who says later in the interview that he hasn't seen what the News of the World have penned for the morning. Must be quite bad, then.

... and when they read them, just remember they were never published ...

Till today.

... but equally, just imagine if your own e-mails were made public to everybody, you know, what you might have said, or considered doing, or told a mate you would do, you know, it's a very very murky business to start looking in personal and private e-mails. It's a bit like having your most personal files at home ransacked and stolen.

We can imagine that Dolly, because Labour, your party, are doing just that to us, it started on Monday.

Internet records to be stored for a year

Details of every email sent and website visited by people in Britain are to be stored for use by the state from tomorrow as part of what campaigners claim is a massive assault on privacy.

You're correct, Dolly, looking at private e-mails is disgusting. Care to tell Jacqui Smith?


banned said...

boo hoo hoo, McBride moaning all over the sunday papers that he didn't want the stories in the public domain ( oh really ? ) it was all the fault of that nasty man Paul Staines wot done it an then I cried coz I was Sickened that they appeared in the papers.
Yes, rightly sickened at the thought of your own demise, cunt.

Time to hack Porn Again Jacquis oh-so-fucking-secure e-mail account me-thinks, see what hubby has been up to this Easter weekend by way of relaxation.

But let's not be forgetting Ian Tomlinson in all this, his unmarked Police attacker has gone off duty with a sick-note from his Mum.

BTS said...

What actually bothered me the most was the last link (to the Telegraph article) in which:

'A Home Office spokesman said: "It is the Government's priority to protect public safety and national security..

He said communications data played a "vital part" in a wide range of criminal investigations, such as the hunt for the killer of Rhys Jones, the 11-year-old schoolboy shot dead in Liverpool in 2007, and the prevention of terrorists attacks.

"Without communications data, resolving crimes such as the Rhys Jones murder would be very difficult if not impossible."'

Now, forgive me if I missed something here, but didn't they manage to convict those people prior to this coming into force?

And didn't they manage to nick a bunch of alleged terrorists just the other day, again based on the system in place before this came into effect?

Sorry to have drifted from Dick's original subject as such, but wtf is going when the Home Office can't even come up with a rational argument?