Saturday 4 April 2009

Hero Of The Day

Credit where credit's due. The above wise man has struck a rare blow for common sense in dismissing a compensation claim against a 13 year old playing tag in a playground.

Boisterous school playground games have been given the all-clear by senior judges who threw out a claim by a dinner lady badly injured by a boy playing tag. Lord Justice Waller, one of three judges who heard the case at the Court of Appeal, said: 'Thirteen-year-old boys will be 13-year-old boys who will play tag.'

... dismissing Mrs Orchard's appeal, [he] said he felt sympathy for her but the boys playing tag were not breaking any rules and should not be held liable for the accident. 'Parents and schools are there to control children and it would be a retrograde step to visit liability on a 13-year-old for simply playing a game in the area where he was allowed to do so.'

Your honour, we salute you. Could you also now explain this sage outlook on life to others in your profession, please?


BTS said...

I did say sorry..

banned said...

Good news indeed but will this place school playgrounds out of bounds for all uninsured persons as the HealthnSafety gang worry about Boistrous Schoolboy Hazard ?