Wednesday, 22 April 2009

How Bloody Much?

£348bn to be borrowed in the next two years. More than the combined borrowing of all governments in the past 300 years.

Zero cuts in massively bloated public sector staffing. Not a mention of reining in a financially debilitating welfare bill. Nothing on cutting back on wasteful government nannying adverts. Merely marginally smaller growth.

Public spending growth to be cut from 1.1% next year to 0.7% from 2011-2012

Business as usual on taxing success though, Denis Healey will be proud to see his rich-soaking and pip-squeaking policy making a comeback.

As Gordon and slug-brows want the shirt off your back (and off your kids' backs for the foreseeable future), why not send it to him now, as Old Holborn and the Libertarian Party have suggested.

Gordon Brown
10, Downing Street

Since we are now reliving the 70s Labour experience, maybe one with wing collars might be in order. Time to go digging in the loft.

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banned said...

Daves only long term chance is to call in the IMF on the first day of the new Conservative administration and let them force the hard decisions upon us. That way he might save the country but still be able to blame the bad stuff on the old Labour gang.