Friday, 24 April 2009

We Need More Teachers Like This (2)

OK, she's not a patch on the drool-inducing Natasha, but I'd welcome this teacher to my kids' school too.

Mrs Langley-Bliss has shocked parents by sending an astonishing 61 pupils home in a single day for minor breaches of rules.

It is understood that hundreds more pupils received detentions or were sent to punishment classrooms for failing to bring the correct equipment.

At the end of the previous term, a special assembly had been held for the 11 to 18-year-olds, to inform them of the high standards expected of them in future.

Over the Easter holiday a letter was also sent to parents specifying the approved uniform, and listing all the 'basic equipment' children must carry at all times.

Pupils were warned that not having items such as pencils would result in detention or exclusion.

On Monday, a huge proportion of them had clearly not done well enough.

The squealing of fuckwit parents is a joy to behold.

Mrs Cautick added: 'It just seems ridiculous. If it was an adult it would be classed as an infringement of their human rights.'

Firstly, they are not adults, so stop with the straw man. Secondly, you are, so if you had read and acted on the perfectly reasonable communications from the school, your kids wouldn't have been sent home. Stop bleating and get on with it, you daft tart.

Quite rightly, Mrs Langley-Bliss isn't abashed by her stance, despite the mud-flinging by disgruntled kids about her facebook page, which, of course, is entirely personal, conducted out of school time, and, just like Natasha's case, nothing to do with anyone but herself.

She confirmed that 46 pupils were excluded for one day for disruptive behaviour or refusing to follow-instructions and that 15 were asked to go home to get the required equipment or uniform.'

What's not to like?

Even the council come out of this smelling of roses.

A spokesman for Kent County Council, which supported Mrs Langley-Bliss's purge, insisted parents had exaggerated the extent of the crackdown, adding: 'Pupils are at the school to learn - it's not a holiday camp.'

Back of the net! This story has made my weekend.


Unknown said...

Good god I hated school, so it's a wonder I left being abl to raed and writ...and smell of course.

Anonymous said...

I wish she had been in charge when my eldest daughter went there.
It was the pits then and we're only talking 6 years ago.

Good luck to her.


Captain Ranty said...

This is one virus that needs to spread around the nation like a bushfire.

Decency and respect have been scorned for far too long. I draw the line at beating the little shits, (I don't beat my children so no other fucker is going to), but this lady has shown some rare common sense.

Now, if we could only transplant that into the horny teachers brain, we're orf to the races.....

wv: upter. If it twas upter me all teachers would have bodies like Natasha.

Mark Wadsworth said...

"What's not to like?"

No answer to that!

Catweazel said...

This woman sounds like a proper old battleaxe. I'd have been permanently excluded from her school as it was a rare occasion that I had one pen, let alone two, and a calculator? Forget it! Being a constant 'truant' her suspensions would have suited me just fine.

Unknown said...

Good on her. A bit of discipline won't go amiss. As for the parents going on about human rights, someone please put them in detention.

Is it really that hard to expect kids to go to school ready for lessons? (don't answer that one, catweazel)

Anonymous said...

Just a pity she felt she had to refer to her pupils as "students".

How do these ghastly Americanisms take hold?