Thursday 7 May 2009

Belief Duly Beggared

Patient 'found dead in hospital lavatory after three days'

The man, 22, allegedly suffocated himself in the cubicle, and was only discovered on Wednesday when a nurse asked a colleague to break open the door when she sensed something was wrong.

He was reported as missing on Saturday from Watford general Hospital's acute admissions unit.

Are we to understand from this article in the Telegraph that NHS toilets are only cleaned once every three days? Some snotty-nosed kid at Wetherspoons could do a better job. MRSA anyone?

Yer NHS is the facking envy of the world mate, I tell ya'.

H/T National Death Service


Sue said...

OMG that's awful. I could tell you some horrible stories too about the Luton and Dunstable Hospital and similar stuff.. it's going on everywhere!

marksany said...

Would that be the brand-new multi-million Watford General Hospital Acute admissions unit?

Just a bit of snagging, innit.

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