Tuesday 12 May 2009

Peer-Reviewed Hypocrisy

As the rock of expenses is lifted, the odious worms are slithering out at an alarming rate. This, from Labour peer Lord Foulkes, is quite simply staggering.

[Lord Foulkes] added that BBC presenters such as John Humphrys and Jeremy Paxman were paid hundreds of thousands of pounds "to come on TV and sneer at democracy and undermine democracy. The vast majority of MPs are being undermined by you."

How dare you talk of democracy, Foulkes. You are partly right that the MSM have not been doing their job, that being of inspecting the grotty, devious machinations of your profession. But when they turn on you instead of acting as simpering toadies, to which you have become accustomed, you squeal like a worn-out fan belt?

Listen, you disgusting maggot, your party have no fucking concept of democracy. You lie with every part of your worthless beings. Just last week, one of your fellow Lords lied to the house to help heap financial hardship on 50,000 corner shop owners. He knew the truth, as it was conveyed to him prior to the vote, but chose not to pass the information on. That is the epitome of lying. All following a consultation which would have made even Mugabe blush crimson at its mendacity.

This is how Labour have operated since taking office. Thousands of lie-riddled laws have been passed without even the slightest nod to the electorate. Manifesto pledges have been fed to the shredder, and all protestations ignored and ridiculed.

BBC reporters can't possibly undermine democracy because you and your goat-fellating friends have already dispensed with the entire concept of listening to the public. An intrinsic part of a democratic system of government which you have evidently forgotten. You are fucking fraudulent even to mention the word democracy, you arrogant, slimy cunt.

We, your employers, are sick of you and your corrupt method of governing. Do the decent thing, Foulkes, buy some twine and a chair (we won't mind you claiming it on expenses), and dangle yourself from the nearest tree.


Captain Ranty said...

Dick, you really have to learn to say what you mean.

We need to see your weapons grade vitriol, not this ringing endorsement for Foulkes the Cunt.

And twine? Fucking twine!

It might snap, man! Please amend your piece to say "Wire", or Strong wire", or, "The very best wire money can buy".

Otherwise, sheer brilliance, as usual.

Crack on.

Sophia Pangloss said...


Bill Quango MP said...

because you and your goat-fellating friends ..

I say steady on. Think of the goat!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Dick for saying what myself and many others feel, i wish that your thoughts would be available to a wider audience, as it is for now we wil just have to be content with tinternet,keep it up Dick theres plenty of us listening and spreading the word , im currently buying shares in pitchforks.

Anglo Saxon said...

I will bet that none of the reporters at the Brown Broadcasting Corporation will even take up his critisism of them and issue a retort.