Sunday 10 May 2009

Spending Other People's Money

To repeat an oft-quoted opinion on socialists.

"The problem with socialism is that eventually you run out of other people's money [to spend]."

As the government sleaze-fest rumbles on, one morally-corrupt swill-gobbler's name jumped out of the page and screamed "Look at what an evil bastard I am!"

A GOVERNMENT minister is claiming up to £22,000 a year in expenses by saying that her mother’s modest bungalow in Yorkshire is her main home.

Baroness Thornton, a Labour minister in the whips’ office, has lived and worked in London for more than 30 years and has a £1m family house near Hampstead Heath.

However, Thornton has claimed about £130,000 since 2002 by designating her mother’s current bungalow and, before 2005, her mother’s previous home as her main residence.

Do you know? I think this is the same troughing sow who was a prime mover in Wednesday's Lords decision to force corner shops into hiding tobacco displays. The same inconsiderate shit who had this to say about a common sense amendment from Lord Borrie which would have lessened the financial impact.

I recognise the sentiment behind the amendments of my noble friend Lord Borrie. I assume that it is to achieve our public health objectives while minimising burdens on business; that is a laudable aim but, I fear, misplaced here.

Yep, the aim of attempting to avoid small retailers having to shell out £2,500 of their post-tax profits is a misplaced one, according to Thornton. Translated from swine-ese: 'It's not my money, so who gives a shit?'.

What this evil cunt has stolen could pay for the forced refurbishment of over 50 small shops. It would go some way to alleviate the £125m bill she has blithely helped land in the laps of the country's 50,000 corner shop owners (after they have paid their taxes from which she has been stealing), but don't expect the troughing fuck to volunteer this large wedge without a fight. Or at all. She is, after all, rotten, selfish, and corrupt to the core.

Not only that, she isn't stopping there. She wants to financially punish them even more.

Baroness Thornton, for the Government, described the measure as "another important step to a tobacco-free world"

Oh I see now. That is what she is in the Lords for, is it? To use her position to force her prejudicial will on 22% of the public, along with those who make a profit supplying a legal product, without any democratic mandate whatsoever ... and to build up her property portfolio on the back of those that pay taxes on such products and businesses.

Forget swine flu. Hopefuly this disgusting, self-righteous Labour whore will suffer an extended bout of the most virulent strain of Ebola, whilst being simultaneously beaten with cricket bats by a horde of angry asian shopkeepers.

Seems fair to me.


Anonymous said...

Hopefuly this disgusting, self-righteous Labour whore will suffer an extended bout of the most virulent strain of Ebola, whilst being simultaneously beaten with cricket bats by a horde of angry asian shopkeepers.

Why be so lenient ?

Anonymous said...

I can only think of one humane
solution for McBrowns Fabian Feminist frollicking smoke hating
Burned at the stake using smokeless
fuel and their ashes to be sent to
the nearest shut down pub.
Their skulls to be stuck on railings outside ASH Uk Hq and
their partners banished to Falkirk.

Dick Puddlecote said...

I like these comments. More suggestions please.

HelenD said...

Their time will come - and they know it.

They are using the excuse - it is within the rules, we are allowed to do this.

I remember the excuse used by the Nazi murderers - it was in the rules, we are allowed to do this.

Just because it is within the rules doesn't make it right. I know the expenses row isn't the smoking ban - but hopefully it will wake the public up - it certainly appears to have.

Wrong rules will be punished. They are now getting a little taste of their own medicine. The public (their masters) have had enough.

I loved the quote from Lord Mandy as well along the lines of - the papers are trying to perceive that what we have done is wrong.

Strange - just like the NuLab lot are trying to perceive (via £ms) that SHS is dangerous - not yet succeeded round my way!

'What goes around comes around'. Surely they didn't think they could get away with it?

vincent1 said...

Nice one Dick, the line from Lord mandy, who thinks he has done nothing wrong.
I have more respect as I am sure many do, that bootleggers do nothing wrong either,
They save the workers from the vile overtaxed products (legal ones)which the goverment clamp down on. While the vile spend the workers taxes, yet see nothing wrong hmm.
Since when did the corrupt, have the authority to tell the honest what is right and wrong?
What is the diferance between "bootlegging" and legalized theft, pray tell.


Anonymous said...

I would have though the most apt form of death for these people would be to have them forcibly smoked to death. A bespoke mask, restraining garment, comfortable chair and 200 Capstan Full Strength a day should get the job done, maybe Park Drives at the weekend, kind of like a treat....


PS I'm a non-smoker.