Saturday 2 May 2009

Recession? What Recession?

Further proof, if needed, that the Lib Dems are a collection of free-spending socialist nutjobs.

In the depths of the worst recession in post war times, the Lib Dem controlled London Borough of Sutton have pushed through the building of a 'Life Centre' to teach kids the fundamentals of righteousness.

Cost? £8.5m, a mere 10% of council tax receipts.

Highlights of this 'Signature Project' to accord with the 'Vision' that councillors have are:

- An "experiental" eco-garden and citizen zone
- Warnings on safety and alcohol
- The principles and benefits of recycling
- A visual depiction of a "rapidly growing landfill site"
- To highlight the hidden dangers of social networking sites
- A TV presenter explaining domestic hazards as the TV appears to burst into flames

Yes, it's the world's first nannying theme park.

No consultations were held for local residents, and when opposition councillors attempted debate, they were denied information until 20 minutes before the meeting that approved the project. In fact, the builders had already been commissioned before the meeting that was to approve their being employed and contracts already signed. A no vote would have incurred financial penalties for delay of the building work which was to begin the next morning.

Local democracy in action, eh?

It may not surprise you to learn that as well as spunking £8.5m up the wall for a project that requires, just to break even, all kids within an hour's drive to turn up every year for the next decade, Sutton council also lost £5.5m in Icelandic banks, and spend £600k per annum on spin doctors.

Still, it's something new, isn't it?

Not really, as a local councillor explains on his blog.

Yes, but we'll be getting spanking new community facilities won't we? - Undoubtedly; a new library that is smaller than the one that it is replacing, youth facilities to replace the youth club that was flattened to make way for the centre, a climbing wall that is more expensive that privately-run "Craggy Island" at Oaks Park and the multimedia area to teach citizenship at three times the price of the existing facilities at nearby Sutton Junior Tennis Centre. Even Vince Cable has been to Sutton to tell us that we are in the middle of the worst recession since Sean Connery found a few hairs on his pillow. However, we seem to be splashing out residents' cash whilst they are cutting back for fear of losing their jobs.

Sutton's Lib Dem councillors seem to be blissfully unaware of a recession. As long as the righteous Gods of environment, healthism, safety, and politically correct terminology are assuaged, who gives a fuck about taxpayers' cash?

After all, there's an endless supply of that, whatever the state of the economy.


Pissed off with all political parties said...

This is a joke.

My blood is boiling.

So this life centre is going to teach our children how to scale walls, how to mug someone, attack someone and how to take drugs without getting caught.

I live down the road from where the life centre is being built.

1. the traffic now is awful, it takes 10 minutes to go a quarter of a mile.

2. There will be no parking. So where are the cars going to park? Down my bloody road and outside my house that's where.

3. My tax money is paying for this, but if my daughter's school want to go there for a field trip I am going to have to pay again.

Seriously, could someone please pass me the shot gun now.

Unknown said...

Dick, haven't even been back in the country a day and you hit me with this?

I fought through delays and allsorts to get back home and now I wish I hadn't bothered. Another day in blissful ignorance would have been preferable.

I sympathise with Pissed Off, the points made are indeed extremely annoying and enough to piss anyone off.

Another fucking 'think of the chiiiildreeeenn' excuse to spend our money when we are up to our eyeballs in the country's debt.

Bet that, thanks to the fucking self righteous, it is all a non smoking zone in the grounds so that they can add to pissed off's misery by having crowds of people hanging around to smoke outside the house cos there is nowhere else to go before they get in their cars....then again, perhaps not. It will only be the self righteous do gooders who would take a trip along to this place.

Mark Wadsworth said...

"the world's first nannying theme park."That is a genius thought!

If we put our heads together, we could come with a huge money spinning scheme, taxpayer funded of course, where families can flock to be lectured on keeping safe from scary stuff and how to interact with 'other communities' - but at arm's length and with obligatory free Swine Flu masks - and the highlight of the show will be walking past a small glassed-off section called the smoking area where the fresh faced masses can watch us enjoying a quite cigarette, after which they get handed postcards showing pictures of black lungs.

After that comes 'watching fat people die of heart attacks' and then 'foxes eating country folk dressed in hard hats and pink jackets'.

OK, it needs work, but just you wait.

banned said...

O/T but as a decrier pf booze stats you will like this

" in November, research showed that a substance found in red wine could help to mend damaged backs. Great news. But while I'm sinking red wine to sort out my back, I'm simultaneously increasing my risk of heart failure (according to research from last February). Beer will help my bones (March) but shrink my brain (May 2007). Oh dear: which is more important to me, my skeleton or my mind? I wonder which one I should sacrifice to save the other.
Drinking wine improves the memory (December). But drinking wine weakens the memory (October)...

Sunday Telegraph, booze reports

Unknown said...

I'm off the booze but smoking like a chimney because of this fucking smoking ban but after reading the above Dick I'd rather commit suicide by the glass than take any more of this PC shit that is rammed down our throats everday. You hit the nail on the head when you called it a nannyist theme park, it was only a matter of lets blow the fucker up! Semtex anyone?

(Oh fuck, I was only joking Mr. thought policeman.)

Anonymous said...

Wot, nothing about global "warming"?

They missed a trick there, didn't they?