Wednesday 13 May 2009

A Bit Of A Stunt?

Barnsley council's Simon Frow, putting on his benign face when the BBC came to call (he'll don the jackboots later), dubs it "a bit of a stunt", but considering the government have not once bothered asking pub-goers what they think, this research has as much value as any of the rigged nonsense emanating from Labour and their paid-for 'stakeholders'.

H/T Witterings from Witney


Anonymous said...

The landlady should take the research a stage further by trialling one of the latest HEPA air filtration machines while the room is full of smokers. What would the Authorities, and the Government do if the trial ( carried out using science based methodology ) proved that air filtration with a room full of smokers resulted in cleaner air than the air outside. The reason for a smoking ban would be in tatters.

B7 said...

Every pub and club should have a research department with a central body collecting all the Data.

The Data collected would prove in a very short time that the vast majority of our pubs, clubs and bingo halls have shut because of the ban.

The establishments would have more customers and make more profit.

Customers would feel happier and hate the Labour party less.

Only a small minority of people would be unhappy namely the narrow minded anti smoking bigots.

True smoking statistics could be published instead of ones produced by rigged consultations with their own stakeholder off shoots.

And smokers back in pubs, a win win situation

Witterings from Witney said...

Thanks DP! Very kind of you - mind you thought it just up your street!

Sue said...

Yes, the questionnaires should contain a referendum on the opinion of smokers and non smokers as to whether they want the ban reversed.

Xopher said...

Could this be a first?
At last a study into how the ban has affected smokers rather than the selcted 'stakeholders'.
Let's see studies into the following: -
a) How the wind, wet and cold increases illness for the elderly forced out from social venues.
b) How social isolation affects those who social life has been destroyed through closures
c) How being forced into smoking only company has increased smoking rates for those who previously considered the comfort of non-smoking customers.
And lots more .........