Tuesday 12 May 2009

The Speaker Is Unspeakeable Blog Round-Up

It's not just me then. After a swift morning read-around, it seems that Michael Martin truly is a piece of shit.

Doug Carswell has called for his head, and might be making headway. The story is taken up at the Coffeehouse.

Ben Wallace has just called for the Speaker to resign, joining Douglas Carswell’s call. This doubles the number of MPs who have broken the parliamentary protocol and are openly calling for the Speaker to go.

Swiss Bob has extracted the coverage of Mick being a turd.

Mr E thinks he is unfit for office.

And Dan Hannan has the perfect solution.

MPs' expenses: Sack the Speaker and call fresh elections - and that's just a start

At the very least, MPs must sack the man who has been the chief obstacle to reform: Speaker Martin. But I'm starting to wonder whether something stronger might be called for. Lord Naseby, a former Deputy Speaker, suggests that an immediate dissolution is the only way to restore public confidence.

I'm glad I'm not alone.

It might also be the only way for Labour to avoid obliteration.

Hey! Steady on, Dan. Isn't that going a bit far?

Please don't resign Mick, just another year, eh?

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Cate Munro said...

Dick - couldn't agree more. He's THE most USELESS piece of shit I have EVER seen! The idiot can't even string a bloody sentence together ASWELL as all his other gross incompetences! I agree with Lord Naseby - Parliament should be dissolved immediately and there should be an election ASAP. So there!