Wednesday 6 May 2009

The Lies Worked, Then

You may remember some world class lying from tobacco control fake charity, ASH, a few days ago. Backed up, as is customary, by a righteous cockmonger failing to present the truth to our legislators even when it was highlighted.

Well, it worked. The Lords have tonight signed the death warrant for many corner shops up and down the country by agreeing to ban tobacco displays for shops, just as they rubber-stamped the fate of over 3,000 pubs less than two years ago. All on the basis of lies emanating from cunts who leech off our taxes.

I can't wait to see the voting record for this one as I reckon there could have been opposition Lords gagging to pass the measure to help illustrate how utterly wank the Labour front bench are. It's not like Labour have any chance of forming the next government, and Tories are (at the moment at least) talking of repealing this part of Lord Darzi's Health Bill, which will begin in 2011, when they take office.

By the way, if you don't know who Lord Darzi is, he's an ignorant, intolerant, self-regarding cunt who, having been given a title, has now decided to screw over fellow British asians in a different industry to his, by not passing on relevant information to law-makers. Righteous as hell, he is stuck so far up the collective arses of the department of health that he knows not which ring he should be orally polishing from one day to the next. I got that from Wikipedia, by the way.

It was rumoured (in fact, it is probably true as the fake charity community descended into an apoplectic frenzy about it) that Mandelson tried to kill this initiative as he knew it would be damaging to Labour. He was right, and will probably be slapping his forehead in exasperation at the suicidal nature of the administration he is vainly attempting to rescue. Great, ain't it?

As legislation goes, this couldn't be more publicly demonstrative of the complete disregard Labour have for large swathes of people they deem unacceptable. And it won't save a single life, or prevent a single young person from taking up smoking. In fact, it could actually make smoking more 'cool' to teens, because prohibition tends to work so well with young people, doesn't it?

So the debate will now be passed back to the commons, and I sincerely hope the knuckle-dragging Labour cocks sprint past the tellers into the aye chamber, with a skip in their step and a gleeful grin at how very perfect they are in believing that policy for adults should be dictated by 11 year olds.

Young people overwhelmingly support putting tobacco products out of sight in shops according to new research released today (Monday) by Cancer Research UK.

Almost two thirds (64 per cent) of 11 to 16 year olds want cigarettes put out of sight in shops. Only 16 per cent do not agree with the proposal. Researchers interviewed more than 1,400 youngsters from across the UK.

Coupled with the lies of ASH, and the misappropriated truth from Lord Darzi, this is the level of information that is being fed to those who govern us. And they already have shit for brains as it is.

CRUK are proffering evidence as convincing as that displayed in Crazy People.

Who here wants to be an advertising executive?
[several hands go up]
Who here wants to be a fire truck?
[everyone raises their hands, with several standing and commenting things like "Ooh, I do!" and "Me! Pick me!"]

Ask a kid if they want something, that they aren't interested in, hidden, and they will obviously agree (especially if the question is couched in the way CRUK will have definitely couched it). Ask them if they want pubs closed down and they will answer that they want them demolished to make way for a playground. It's simple really, kids don't enjoy pubs, adults do. Maybe that will be the next step for Labour, who knows? Their willingness to walk innocently into an unsheathed political cutlass is stuff of legend under Brown's leadership.

Anyway, I digress. This might displease the likes of Simon Clark of FOREST, but I welcome wholeheartedly the Lords' decision. For some very good reasons.

1) It has further shown ASH to be an offensive, tax-sponging organisation, pre-disposed to lying in an ever more imaginative variety of ways. Those who watch fake charities closely already know this, of course, but readers of the Evening Standard will have seen their first glimpse. Many more will follow in having the scales lifted from their Sun-reading eyes. This can only be a good thing.

2) Ditto Cancer Research UK

3) Corner shops are livid. They meet many more average Joes (or Jills) than an MP could ever hope to glad-hand even with an election in the offing. Therefore more Labour votes seeping down the drain. If I need to point out that this is a good thing, you're reading the wrong blog.

4) How many tobacconists thought the smoking ban was a fine and dandy idea and that that would be the end of the smoker jihad? Makes me smile, that one.

5) Labour, entirely taken in by the lies of 1) & 2) above, have starkly and publicly advertised their contempt for 9 million voters. Again, this can only be a good thing, especially as ...

6) It's unlikely to happen anyway, unless the Tories turn into a rancid refuse sack of liars like Labour.

And lastly ...

7) Considering a significant proportion of the business and electoral interests of our country have been deliberately ignored, from initial consultation right up to the coup de grâce of legislation, it confirms that Labour have finally severed any ties with democracy. We now live in a Majoritarian society, bordering on Ochlocratic, and with an Oligarchic bent.

How else does one describe consultations dictated by a small cabal of righteous cock-sockets, paid for by a similarly tiny band of civil servants who pervert democracy by wilfully destroying contrary opinons, served up to a majority whipped into a frenzy by lies to become a baying mob? All topped off with politicians who are, to a man, ignorant of the processes that led to their believing a skip-load of mendacity?

Bring it on, Labour. And to close, I make no apologies for adding a couple of apposite Lawson Narse creations.



Gawain Towler said...


Right that's a leaflet to every tobacconist in the country.

Vote UKIP, this lot want to destroy your business

Anonymous said...

As most of the corner shops are run by Asian business people, this is quite 'racist'
Thousands more Asians will probably be out of work soon and claiming benefits and that will lead to even more discontent from the indigenous population. All this goes well for NuLab to declare a 'state of emergency' to stall the election.
Divide and conquer.

vincent1 said...

How sad for the voters who thought things may change Dick.
We in the UK are used to politicians telling untruths to get voters, then they wonder why people cannot be bothered to get off their arses to vote!

We were all subjected to scare-mongering adverts "for the children" of course.
The advert that springs to mind, was the "formaldehyde" one, in the morgue, directed at smokers.
I think most of us know now, "formaldehye" is in many products, what I was most shocked about, was it is in Baby products!
I do believe in the "dose that does the poison" BTW. The advert in question though, did not mention (of course) that baby products, pills, vaccines and lots of other things ALSO contain "formaldeyde", how strange.
Even stranger, when money is given, to help to "denormalise" with blatant propaganda against smokers.
The trace levels of certain compounds found by the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics can result from processes that make our products gentle for babies and safe from bacteria growth. The FDA and other government agencies around the world consider these trace levels safe, and all our products meet or exceed the regulatory requirements in every country where they are sold. Experts such as MDs, toxicologists and clinical scientists regularly review the safety data for all ingredients used in our products. In addition, we test our final baby product formulations for safety. Once our products are in the marketplace, we continually monitor consumer experiences and review evolving scientific data.
We are disappointed that the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics has inaccurately characterized the safety of our products, misrepresented the overwhelming consensus of scientists and government agencies that review the safety of ingredients, and unnecessarily alarmed parents.
We want to reassure parents that JOHNSON’S® Baby Shampoo and all our baby and kids products are safe, gentle and mild products that they can trust and use with confidence.

J&J "the formaldehyde children" (I call them)

With thanks to Marcus
As I have stated in an earlier post, the of RWJF (the source of hundreds of millions of dollars for smoking bans) was none other than the founder of Johnson & Johnson pharmaceutical; but the ties to the pharmaceutical industry don't end there.

Current Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) board of trustees:

Robert Wood Johnson IV - Johnson is chairman and CEO of the Johnson Company, a personal investment enterprise in New York City. (Any guesses as to what type of pharmaceutical investments Mr. Johnson holds?) He also is a director of the Mayor's Fund to Advance New York City. (Was Mr. Johnson especially influential in getting a smoking ban passed in NY because of this affiliation? It's hard to know, but the implication is there.) Johnson is active in a wide range of civic and philanthropic activities related to improving health care. (Philanthropic? contributing to RWJF, so they can fund more smoking bans?)

Now either it IS safe in small doses, or it is NOT, but something stinks here, far worse than smoke.
mandyv for smokers and non-smokers alike, fighting for choice and TRUTH