Thursday 7 May 2009

Minimum Alcohol Pricing? Why? We're Drinking LESS

The Himmelgarten Cafe has excelled again.

Are we drinking more now than a decade ago?
No. You can look at all the data and see that pretty much everyone, men and women, all age groups, are drinking about the same as we were in 1992 and in 1996.

The only significant change I can see is that drinking amongst young people rose from 1994 to 2000, but has been falling since and is now back to where it started.

Strange that our nannying government front bench haven't noticed this. Well actually ...

The figures are confused because of the new alcohol units measurement. Remember that the number of units in drinks was recently revised upwards (there was a big advertising campaign, with the new unit value in foam on the beer glass and things like that). Some of the so-called increase seems to be down to this revision - the rises disappear in the like-for-like figures.

As an example, suppose you drink a glass of wine a day, which used to be one unit. The reality is that your alcohol consumption hasn't changed. If we jump onto the new figures, it looks like you're suddenly drinking more units (last year you drank 1 unit a day, this year you drink 1.5 units a day).

... it's not that Labour haven't noticed it. They most definitely have, but you can't push for more authoritarian laws and restrictions if there isn't a problem in the first place. So they created one. That is what the swivel-eyed tobacco control fucknuts did, and as I have mentioned before, the temperance movement are using the very same template.

As usual, the MSM are either complicit, or just plain lazy.

The shock headline is that twice as many women are binge drinking, but that appears to be utter rubbish.

It relies on this new units system. Funnily enough, if you count a glass of wine as 1.5 units instead of 1, the number of women drinking more that six units in any day suddenly rises. What a shock!

When you compare like with like, the proportion of men and women binge drinking is lower in 2006 (the latest year given in the study) than for any year in the last decade.

Yet the clinically obese "Lardy Liam" Donaldson is insisting that minimum alcohol pricing must be a priority, even when slapped down by the leader (chortle) of the country himself.

Pub associations recently expressed disappointment that the Chancellor didn't ease up on taxation of their industry in the budget, ignoring all their lobbying, and despite pubs dying at an alarming rate. It's little wonder really. Labour hate pubs, they hate us enjoying alcohol, and they will continue to push for total abstinence.

The fact that there is no real problem to be tackled is irrelevant to Labour. They believe your life is theirs to control, and control it they will.

Use your vote wisely on June 4th. Remember. Anyone but Labour.


Witterings from Witney said...

Re the MSM are either complicit or plain lazy.

Ah, therein lies the problem and reason; and arguments can be made for both probabilities.

Perhaps when 'lamp post' time comes we need to include a few 'journalists'?

Beware of Geeks bearing GIFs said...

It is downright devious social engineering by this most mendacious of administrations.

However, since they have "revised" the units of alcohol in a glass of wine, I simply say to people this:

"Since the government have announced that more than 28 units of alcohol a week is considered "bad" for you and there are 1.5 units in one glass, does the fact that having more than two glasses of wine a day seem frankly ludicrous that it will affect your health in any way?"

Normally the answer is "Don't be daft, of course not".

I think we need to start getting people to think about this Marxist madness in simple, commonsense, real-life terms that people can comprehend.

Then they can all make a stance, like me, and practically ignore everything that is announced in the MSM and the State - and in some cases, do the very opposite.

Dr Evil said...

They can spout all they like. Under EU rules you cannot set a minimum price for anything. This is just politics. Agree with your scenarion. Oh, BTW, the American unit is twice that of the UK, or thereabouts. that's old UK unit. Which was plucked out of the air 25 years ago.

Anonymous said...

Judging by the amount of froth on the beer lately, we must be drinking twice as much (froth not beer).
Is froth counted ?