Tuesday 19 May 2009

Quote Of The Day

From Littlejohn.

There's little chance of the Prime Minister agreeing to call an election, though. He doesn't do democracy if he thinks he can possibly avoid it.

Aha, got you there, didn't I? Bet you thought I was going to pick this bit ...

When I turned up at White Hart Lane for the last home game of the season on Saturday, the usual suspects were assembled outside the gate. Thanks to Labour's demented smoking ban, they're not even allowed a cigarette in the car park these days.

I hadn't seen a gathering like it since I covered the car industry more than 30 years ago. It needed only a brazier and a few placards and we could have been back on the picket line at Longbridge, waving a copy of the Morning Star and sharing a mug of soup with Red Robbo.

... but I didn't. Full of surprises, me.

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